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Verizon: FREE Google Home With Google Pixel Order


Verizon: FREE Google Home With Google Pixel Order

Richard Goodwin 05/07/2017 - 1:12pm

Want Google Home AND a Google Pixel? You need to check out Verizon’s latest deal…

The Google Pixel – in my case, the Google Pixel XL – is one of my favourite Android phones of all time. I love this phone, and have done ever since I first got my hands on it, despite its rather hefty price tag which at the time was a tad on the Apple-end of the pricing spectrum.

This was back in 2016, though. Things have moved on since then, mostly because Google will likely update the phone later this year, and this means you can now pick up a Pixel phone for quite a bit less.

And if that wasn’t enough to kindle your interest, then perhaps this will: Verizon is offering a FREE Google Home with all Pixel orders right now.

For instance, you can pick up a 32GB Pixel for just $15/month with a 24-month instalment plan. The 32GB Pixel XL – the one I own – costs $20/month for the same 24-month period, which works out at just $360 and $480 for the phones, respectively.

That is a pretty sweet deal in itself. BUT – Verizon is ALSO throwing in a free Google Home too, which kind of makes this offer, well… very attractive.

The only REAL issue with it is that you do have to pay for the Google Home unit but, after 30 days, you can apply for a rebate – i.e. get the full cost of the unit back from the network.

This isn’t ideal. But in the end it does equate to a free Google Home. Plus, you’re getting a Google Pixel phone for a fraction of its retail price. And these phones, believe me, are very impressive indeed.


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