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Verizon disregards net neutrality, announces new ‘FreeBee Data’ program

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Verizon disregards net neutrality, announces new ‘FreeBee Data’ program


Last month, we wrote approximately Verizon accepting beta users for a new “subsidized knowledge” program. Today, Verizon has formally introduced the program they're calling “FreeBee.” FreeBee will permit manufacturers to offer content material to Verizon customers with out it counting towards their knowledge plans. It’s similar to T-Mobile’s Music Freedom and Binge On methods, however with much more net neutrality implications.

FreeBee will are available variations for industry to provide content material, however shoppers gained’t realize the adaptation. Basically, anything else that has the FreeBee icon (proven above) is content material that gained’t pass against your knowledge allowance. It can be a video, website online, app, or extra. At release, most effective AOL, Hearst Magazines, and Gameday will supply subsidized content material to the check customers.

Net neutrality supporters don’t like “subsidized knowledge” methods as a result of they provide a bonus to the companies and types that may come up with the money for to pay for content material. Users will want the content material highlighted with the FreeBee icon as it gained’t value them any knowledge. T-Mobile’s systems aren’t relatively so dangerous as a result of they aren’t taking cash from the streaming products and services. Verizon is taking cash from industry to spotlight their content material.

FreeBee will arrive later this month for testers. What do you bring to mind the program? Is this a slap within the face to net neutrality?

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