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Use your phone as a lightsaber in Chrome Experiment’s new Star Wars mini-game

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Use your phone as a lightsaber in Chrome Experiment’s new Star Wars mini-game

lightsaber escape

Whether you’re in search of one thing to provoke the Mrs, or just need to take a look at one thing other with the youngsters, Google’s up to date Chrome test is bringing a little additional Star Wars a laugh to your Android units. Google has teamed up with Disney, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light & Magic to create a captivating little mini-game, person who doesn’t require you putting in any additional apps or video games onto your phone.

Star Wars Lightsaber Escape Chrome Experiment

Simply discuss with on your computer Chrome browser, then sort in the original brief URL on the backside of your web page on your phone additionally the use of Chrome, to play a neat little Star Wars promotional recreation referred to as “Lightsaber Escape.” Don’t fear — there aren’t any new film spoilers. After a few fast calibration, you’ll be swinging a lightsaber as you try to break out an Imperial Star Destroyer stuffed with Stormtroopers.

It’s lovely fundamental and there's a few lovely important lag while shifting the lightsaber on monitor at the same time as swinging your phone round. Just stay in thoughts that is but any other certainly one of Google’s a laugh Chrome Experiments — it’s now not a complete blown vidjya recreation. Besides, it’s loose and with the exception of the truth that it virtually melted my MacBook, it used to be utterly value messing round with.


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