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ULTRAFLOW is an addictive Android game that has you bouncing off walls [VIDEO]

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ULTRAFLOW is an addictive Android game that has you bouncing off walls [VIDEO]

O love easy video games. You can pick out one up at any time and kill a couple of mins, or many mins if the game is in point of fact just right. A’ve found out that easy video games are frequently probably the most tricky. They hook you in with a easy mechanic, however then issues ramp up temporarily. Of path, this is precisely what makes easy video games so addictive. ULTRAFLOW is my recent obsession on this style.

If you’re a listener of the Mobile Roar Podcast you would possibly needless to say ULTRAFLOW from a few weeks in the past. The premise of the game is easy in conception: get your ball to the purpose. In order to do that you want to jump your ball off of walls, however it doesn’t prevent there. You’re handiest allowed a specific amount of bounces, and there are lots of stumbling blocks getting on your method.


The concept of discovering the very best trajectory to dance an item to a objective is now not new. That’s merely billiards. ULTRAFLOW takes the theory to a a lot more addictive state. You have to devise out your shot for greater than only one or bounces. Obstacles will make that very tricky. There are directional arrows, velocity traps, wormholes, shifting walls, gates, and so a lot more. Eventually you have not to best fear concerning the trajectory angles, but in addition the velocity of your shot.

A love the whole thing approximately this game. The layout is minimum and funky. The soundtrack is futuristic and catchy. The controls are simple, and you can restart ranges in no time (as a result of you will die so much). However, the most productive phase has not anything to do with how the game is performed. ULTRAFLOW is loose and it doesn’t have any advertisements or in-app purchases. Seriously. Plus, you can earn achievements thru Google Play Games.

Trust me, you’ll love this game. Download ULTRAFLOW free of charge from the Play Store right here.


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