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Uber to challenge Google, hires former VP of Google Maps

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Uber to challenge Google, hires former VP of Google Maps

Aside from Search, Google has a handful of merchandise that command dominating strategic benefits, one of them being Google Maps. Together with Android Auto, this positions Google brilliantly to capitalize on one of the tech industries so much promising but unharvested sectors. From acting easy flip-via-flip navigation that presentations related promoting to the futuristic however now not too some distance fact of driverless automobiles, there's much more cash to be made- and Uber needs a work of Google’s pie.

Here is what Google Maps seemed like when it was announced in 2005:


Under the path of Brian McClendon, VP Engineering at Google, here's what it seems like 10 years later:


Now McClendon, the person who took the Maps workforce from Point I to Point 1, has formally joined Uber to lend a hand take their mapping efforts to the following degree.


At one aspect Uber used to be only a taxi choice however the measurement and velocity of the corporate’s expansion has been astronomical. Rather than just being a carrier that is dependent upon APIs from Google Maps and Apple Maps, Uber seems to compete right away. Not most effective may just they invent their very own choice as a vast answer, nevertheless it’ll turn out useful down the street as the corporations appear headed towards an inevitable collision course within the battle for eventual self-riding automotive prominence.

“Google used to be in reality Ubering sooner than Uber”

Before you start claiming that Google is making an attempt to use their sheer measurement to consume everybody else’s lunch, allow us to now not fail to remember that Google used to be if truth be told used to be Ubering prior to Uber, announcing Google Ride Finder long ago in 2005 apart Google Maps.

It’s approach too early to inform who has the higher hand, however something is needless to say: it’ll be a laugh to glance again in any other 10 years and notice how some distance mapping, navigation, and transportation of are available relation to those firms.



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