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Top Tips to Maximize Your Productivity


Top Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

Everyone wants to improve their productivity and add hours to their day. Employers who want to see their profit margins rise, employees who want to tick off their to-do lists, students who want to achieve good grades, and stay-at-home moms who want to tackle seemingly endless household chores in a way that is time-rich. From taking on the task you like least first thing in the morning to taking regular breaks, below are some ways that can help you to increase your productivity.

Download Productivity-Boosting Apps

Use your tech wisely by downloading a range of productivity-boosting apps, which can do everything including helping to keep your project management on track, easing team communications online, keeping track of your finances, organizing your social media updates, offering real time cloud storage solutions, and, importantly, limiting online distractions as you work.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling, or BuJo, is an organizational system that combines mindfulness with productivity. There are many ways to personalize your bullet journal, but at its heart it combines journaling, scrapbooking, list-writing, and goal-setting, and is ideal for people who like the satisfaction of ticking off lists as well as planning what to do next. When writing a to-do list for the next day, it may be a psychologically good idea to tackle your least-favorite task first thing in the morning. This leaves no chance of procrastination on the way to doing your accounts or updating a database, as well as providing an early sense of achievement once these have been completed, leaving the rest of your day clear for more enjoyable tasks.

Snack healthily

It is important to keep your body healthy, so that your brain can continue to work at an optimal pace, thereby improving your productivity. It is often the case that when under pressure people reach for quick fixes: sugary snacks and caffeinated drinks that give a short-term high, followed unfortunately by a dip in energy, concentration and productivity. Instead of enjoying a latte with a chocolate pastry, why not reach for studying snacks that will boost your brain power including protein-packed nuts, super fruits and delicious dark chocolate. You could even blend a smoothie packed with vitamin-rich kale as a healthy guilt-free drink whilst you work. This is also brilliant for students and working professionals alike.


The benefits of regular exercise are well-known, including improving your physical health as well as giving you a boost in serotonin, the feel-good chemical in the brain. Not only can exercise keep you fit, but if you chose an activity such as yoga, the calming elements of meditation and breathing exercises can help you deal positively with stress and pressure. In order to increase your productivity is vital to take regular breaks from your screen. Stretch. Go for a short walk outside. When stuck on a problem, it may help to ask yourself what could be done to resolve it and then put it out of your mind while you take a walk around the block. Sometimes the fresh air and letting your conscious mind wander elsewhere while your unconscious mind unpicks the problem can result in a solution far quicker than an hour or two spent sitting at your desk staring at a blank screen.




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