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Three sport apps that you MUST download


Three sport apps that you MUST download

In the modern era, mobile and tablet apps are becoming more and more popular. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody without a smartphone nowadays and many choose to download various apps onto their devices. Whether they use Netflix to catch up on their favourite television shows or CNN to read up on the news of the day, apps are now almost essential in the modern era for keeping up with the latest gossip and ‘goings on’ in the world.

However, a large proportion of people use apps for sport, whether that’s to watch it, play games or simply follow a team. Here are three apps that you MUST download if you’re a sports fan.


LiveScore is one of the most popular sports apps around and every day, thousands of sports fans use this to keep up with the latest scores, results and fixtures across the planet. While the majority of people around the world use this for soccer, LiveScore cover most sports and are extremely quick to update their app. In fact, it might well be the best ‘live update’ feed around and it is an absolute must for those who follow a number of sports.

Whether you’re a football fan, hockey supporter or baseball lover, LiveScore is the app for you. Although they cannot keep you updated on news, they are able to provide live updates on tables and standings – as well as statistics and figures on matches across a number of sports.



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NFL Fantasy Football

There are a number of fantasy sports on the internet but perhaps the NFL Fantasy Football app is the greatest of all. If you’re a football fan, there’s a good chance that you follow the NFL on a weekly basis. Well, with the NFL Fantasy Football app, you can compete against your friends in a private league or against fans from all over the world in an NFL-managed league.

You can even compete for cash funds if you enter certain leagues, which only adds to the competitive nature of the app. Unfortunately, NFL matches are only once a week so you face an opponent every weekend whilst daily fantasy games, including the DFS bonus, offer the chance to win and battle against players seven days a week. However, for the time being, it’s well worth checking out the NFL Fantasy Football app while you grow more accustomed to the sport.


ESPN Sport

The ESPN app is one of the standout sport apps. The ESPN app has seen plenty of brand-new updates in recent months and can provide the latest news, results, videos, audio and much more in the sporting world. It focuses on a wide range of national and worldwide sports and competitions.

The app is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t take up too much memory, which will appeal to those who don’t have huge amounts of storage space. While they offer bog-standard news stories, they also offer plenty of opinion pieces and are one of the quickest at providing breaking news via their app. That is something that some companies haven’t quite got to grips with just yet.



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