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This is Why Nokia Android Phones DON’T Support Project Treble


This is Why Nokia Android Phones DON’T Support Project Treble

Richard Goodwin 07/12/2017 - 9:54am

Nokia’s recent batch of Android telephones DO NOT enhance Google’s Project Treble. However why is this?

Google’s Project Treble was once designed so to mitigate the issues of Android fragmentation going forwards. Alternatively, the preliminary seeding section of the initiative has noticed some teething pains, and Nokia’s recent run of Android telephones don't seem to be immune.

Project Treble, at its core, is beautiful easy: it separates the core Android OS framework (Google’s bit) from the seller’s )the phone maker’s) customization in order that updates can also be driven thru to the phone OTA with out the seller desiring to change it.

This means, each time a brand new update is able, telephones rocking Treble would obtain the update OTA with out the maker of the phone – LG, Samsung, Huawei, HTC – having to raise a finger. On paper, and at some point, it is a super plan to resolve the problem of Android fragmentation that plagues tens of millions of units in move.

Alternatively, to ensure that Treble to do its paintings, it must be up and operating at the phone sooner than it is shipped to the buyer – and it is right here the place some manufacturers are operating into hassle. Through the years this is probably not a topic, as all Android telephones must send with it, however for now, there is a little bit of catch-up occurring.

And HMD’s Nokia logo is firmly within the “catch-up” camp, confirming that none of its current-generation Nokia Android telephones will enhance Treble. Nokia says Treble can't be retrofitted on a handset after it has shipped… however this isn’t fully true.

Huawei, as an example, has showed that it's going to convey Treble to its older telephones throughout the latter a part of 2017, indicating that Nokia would possibly simply be telling porkies about no longer having the ability to set up Treble on older handsets.

Huawei additionally showed, throughout its Notice 10 release, that it's been operating intently with Google on getting Android P higher built-in with its Kirin chipset. The corporate, which is speedy changing into some of the largest avid gamers in the world, is willing to usurp Samsung because the king of the Android area and is operating intently with Google to succeed in this.

Possibly Nokia must drop Huawei an electronic mail and learn the way it’s retrofitting Treble on older Android handsets. I’m positive its punters would admire it!


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