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The LG G4 And Nexus 2015 Are Just The Beginning For LG


The LG G4 And Nexus 2015 Are Just The Beginning For LG

The LG G4 and Nexus 5 are simply the end of LG’s 2015 cellular technique...


The LG G4 is an excellent handset. It has superior specifications, nice hardware and it runs like a allure. But LG isn’t performed for 2015 -- now not by way of an extended shot. Not handiest is the corporate generating Google’s upcoming Nexus handset, nevertheless it additionally has some other, even higher flagship at the playing cards as smartly.

And absolute best of all? The handset is now reputable; smartly, kind of -- LG’s CEO showed its lifestyles all the way through its contemporary profits name. Sadly, although, we don’t have anything else extra concrete than that.

But that’s by no means stopped us ahead of.

According to LG, the handset might be tremendous top class which means new construct fabrics, like metals. Beyond this the telephone is predicted to % in a 5.8in QHD panel, striking it firmly in phablet territory, and Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 820 CPU in addition to 4GB of RAM.

Where it will get fairly extra fascinating is to do with names, branding and layout. What will this handset be referred to as? Will it's a brand new product line? LG can’t in reality unencumber ANOTHER G4 version -- there’s 4 already -- so a brand spanking new product line turns out the in all probability end result.

The handset is predicted to land in past due-2015 and is definitely designed to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Apple’s iPhone 6s -- either one of that are anticipated in August and September, respectively.

Richard Goodwin 12:31, 24 Jul 2015

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