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The gold Nexus 6P could launch in the US soon

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The gold Nexus 6P could launch in the US soon

Folks who sought after the golden Nexus 6P have been disillusioned to determine that it wouldn’t be imaginable until they lived in Japan. But may Google stay this tasty version clear of folks for lengthy? Apparently now not, if 9to5Google’s sources are to be depended on.

According to them, Google is making plans to launch the version in the United States someday soon. It might additionally line up with a launch of the tool at Best Buy, the place the Nexus 5X is the unique tool in that lineup being presented at this time.

Nexus 6p Special Edition Gold Japan

It might make feel for Google to extend retail availability for the Nexus 6P presently as they’ve long past complete steam in advance with a primetime vacation advertising marketing campaign for each units. Those who in reality need a Nexus 6P know where to get one and most probably have already got one, however greater visibility at the biggest brick and mortar electronics store in America is certain to rope in a just right bite of the uninformed public. Having that gold choice to be had could even be the trick in making it a fascinating acquire for many who position nice significance in colour choices.


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