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The Best Dash Cams You Can Buy For Under £50


The Best Dash Cams You Can Buy For Under £50

Michael Grothaus

14/08/2017 – 4:24pm

Thwart scammers with these low-cost dash cams – all of which cost LESS than 50 quid!

There’s nothing people hate more than moped scammers, unfortunately, their tricks and tactics are on the rise–and they are targeting innocent drivers more than ever. Haven’t heard of the moped scam before? Here’s what the Daily Mail says about a recent incident:

“An astonishing video has emerged of a moped rider making a pathetic attempt to fake a road crash in an apparent insurance scam. The footage, which was shot on a British motorist’s dashcam earlier this month, shows her view as she drives along a residential street. But a man with a moped then appears in the road and pushes his scooter back into the front of her car as she approaches. The man then dramatically throws himself on the bonnet as the driver shouts: ‘What the hell? You idiot!’ The woman then confronts the young man and his friend, who appears to be filming the aftermath of the incident. The pair pretend a road accident has happened until the woman tells them they are being recorded by a dash cam, prompting them to quickly conceal their identities and run away. She tells them: ‘I’ve got a camera. Do you understand you are on video, you complete idiot.’”

You can check out the video below:

As the above points out, the woman was lucky she had a dash cam installed in her car. If not, her or her insurance company may have been taken for thousands of dollars. With that amount of money involved, it seems almost silly not to spring for a dash cam in your vehicle–especially when you can get a number of them for under £50. Here are some of the ones we like:

Nextbase 101 Dash Cam

This little dash cam only records in 720p, but it more than makes up for that with its 120-degree Ultra wide viewing angle and 2in LED screen. It also features G Sensor technology that saves important incident video files to ensure they are not overwritten.

The 32GB internal memory is enough to save 7 hours of crash footage (which, let’s be real) only lasts a few seconds at most.

And at just £35 on Amazon, it’s hard to say “no” to this dash cam.

TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam

The ToGuard mini dash cam records footage in glorious 1080p HD video and features a wide 120º angle lens. It includes a 16GB memory card to store recorded footage and grabs its power from your cigarette lighter.

This is another excellent choice considering it costs just £35 on Amazon.

APEMAN Mini Car Camera Dash Cam

This futuristic-looking dash cam supports 1920X1080p video at 30 fps video and 12M photos. It’s equipped with a Sony sensor as well as a G-sensor, motion detection, parking monitoring, and loop recording.

It also saves and locks files in an accident, to ensure your footage is protected so you have it to show to the insurance company.

At only £40 on Amazon, it’s a great deal.

Jinran Dash Cam

We like to portrait orientation of the dash cam’s viewfinder. Not only does it feature a Novatek 1248 chipset and 1080p HD video recording, the lens is a 140º high-resolution wide angle lens, which is 20º more viewing angle than typical dash cams have.

And at only £21 on Amazon, that makes this dash cam one of the best deals out there.

LANKA Dash Cam

Another dash came with a 140º viewing angle, the LANKA dash cam also records in 1080p HD video and offers seamless loop-cycle recording function, a motion detection sensor, and the standard G-sensor functions.

It supports memory cards up to 32GB – but it doesn’t come with any, so you will have to supply your own.

However, the LANKA is also the cheapest dash cam on this list at only £20 on Amazon.


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