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Shure SE215 headphones review: Big sound, small package, just right price

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Shure SE215 headphones review: Big sound, small package, just right price

The SE215 dominates the sub-$100 earphone price bracket.

Shure isn't a mainstream logo identify, since the producer is extra related to audio equipment that isn’t fairly pockets-pleasant. On the opposite hand, it is a favourite some of the audiophile group since the corporate is aware of the way to convey a few kickin’ sound that may be similarly enticing as it's prime quality.

As of past due, Shure sought to succeed in out to extra audio fanatics by way of filling in its decrease price hole. A reviewed the SRH145 on-ears now not too way back, which stunned me over how so much they provide at $39. Shure has now supplied us considered one of its access-degree earphones to study for you men – the SE215.


The SE line of in-ears levels from $50 all of the method as much as $1,000. But in spite of the price, Shure could be very cautious to provide the so much in your cash and now not compromise at the audio amusement that it excels at. Let’s take a look at if the SE215 keeps that philosophy and offers Shure’s superior sound.



A wouldn’t essentially name the SE215 a looker. Shure turns out to slightly center of attention on a layout that’s practical than eye-beautiful. O’d accept as true with that from the point of view that during-ears aren’t in reality that substantial while donned, particularly in comparison over-ears.

Almost all of Shure’s SE earphones apply the similar layout – a jellybean-formed chassis with a cable that may be intended to direction over your ears. Traditional earphones just have the cable fall in entrance of you.


Shure doesn’t just do that to stray from the herd, there’s a explanation why. When the cable is going round your ear it is helping particularly with microphonics (noise from the cable rubbing on you).

The chassis is a clean, exhausting plastic that feels forged. It’s semi-clear, so you'll be able to height in and notice the tiny micro motive force that does the audio magic. The sound is fed into your ear by means of a stem that extends from the chassis. It’s angled just right, in order that it goals right away at your eardrum.


Something you gained’t in finding on earphones at this price aspect is detachable cables. The incontrovertible fact that Shure makes use of the similar layout throughout all its fashions lets in the producer to stay a few of these comparable advantages. The cable connects to the chassis by the use of a MMCX connector. It’s a not unusual same old alongside audio equipment.


Here’s the kicker of this option: If your cable fails (which isn’t unusual), you'll be able to merely purchase some other and switch it out. This skill is helping make certain that those headphones shall be lengthy-lived funding.

The cable that Shure comprises is lovely same old – made out of a black, clean end wrapping. There is a symmetrical Y-splitter down approximately 13″ from the earpieces, with a chin slider to lend a hand with cable motion. The cable is somewhat thick from the splitter to the jack, however now not stiff. The overall cable duration is 64″, and the headphone jack is right-angled


Lastly, incorporated within the field is a cushy, zipper wearing case. It has just a little pocket at the inside of for small equipment (like eartips) and a clip at the out of doors.



When speaking approximately earphones, eartips are a delicate topic. Manufacturers have a quite other way to take a look at to seize a just right have compatibility amongst most of the people and switch the precise sound signature that they wish to. Different eartips can considerably amendment the have an effect on of sure parts within the sound. I just right instance is among silicone and foam guidelines. Silicone guidelines have a tendency to advertise bass whilst foam guidelines calm it. Additionally, passive isolation is other among fabrics. Foam guidelines excel with sound isolation.

Shure is beneficiant in relation to eartips. The SE215 packaging come with 3 sizes of each silicone and foam guidelines, to fit your fancy.

The medium foam tips come installed

The medium foam guidelines come put in

O even have to say that Shure’s signature black guidelines (dubbed Shure “Olives”) don’t actually put on out in my use. Foam guidelines are typically susceptible to prevent holding their form or ultimately fall aside. That’s now not so with the Olives in my long revel in with them.

If you haven’t worn earphones of this layout, there's a mild studying curve. It isn’t just the standard stick-in and also you’re performed. You sorta want to place the earpiece, stick it in, after which have compatibility the cable round your ear. It’s inconvenient in the beginning, however ultimately turns into 2d-nature.


You’ll understand after a at the same time as why many audio producers at the present time make a selection this type of layout. Once donned, it’s a at ease and safe have compatibility. And there’s virtually no microphonics as you progress round (since the noise will get dampened via your ear ahead of it will get for your ear canal). Additionally, this layout lets in the consumer to covertly direction the cable down their again if it’s most well-liked.

Shure even provided a guide on how to use its earphones.

Shure even supplies a guide on find out how to use its earphones.

S might say that Shure may just do higher with the thicker “reminiscence” cord that may be at the component to the cable that routes across the ear. The stiffness doesn’t allow the consumer wrap the cable snugly across the ear. Instead, it awkwardly is going up and over. The stiffness does allow up fairly over the years even though.


*For my sound trials, S used the LG V10 (HiFi SABRE 9018 DAC environment) and Tidal HiFi track samples.


Now we get to the beef of the evaluate – the sound high quality. O’ll bounce right to it and say that Shure keeps its very good audio prowess. These little men sound impressive for $99.

Talk approximately for your face. The mids are what it’s approximately within the sound signature. This signifies that guitar strums and vocals have a presence like they’re in fact there. It additionally provides a fullness to the track that many headphone reproductions lack. Shure isn't looking to bias out ear-sweet, it needs to provide the complete have an effect on of the recording.

The bass is subtle whilst nonetheless being very related. In different phrases, it hits with quite a lot of power, however S wouldn’t name this a basshead’s headphone. S may just use a bit of extra sub-bass; it doesn’t pass very deep. But the definition is considerate.

My opinion of the treble is nearly precisely the similar. It doesn’t cover, it’s very related within the general sound, which is superb. The entire sound signature is so balanced and cleanly brought. But you'll be able to get nit-choosy and say that the treble doesn’t prolong so far as it would (upper pitches get rolled-off).

Depth is the place S can listen compromise. While the sound copy sounds nice, it would use extension to fill out the distance, if you are going to. A’m speaking concerning the seize of such things as echoing or distances (be extra 3-d than 2D). The soundstage presentation of the SE215 isn’t extensive and doesn’t come up with a psychological symbol of the how the sounds encompass the distance. And sure, earphones can do that, you just have to head up upper within the price chain. Shure isn’t going to come up with interested in $99, however A’m very glad with how so much is there.

Final Thoughts


Shure has captured me with its sound, and A’m in point of fact satisfied that its making itself extra available with an reasonably priced price. The SE215 is in a position to display what the corporate is able to. It is the baseline, which considerately begins off with the corporate’s high quality audio copy and tasty sound signature.

The SE215 are for sure one of the crucial highest earphones in the market for $99. The have compatibility, sound isolation, and detachable cable push the worth even additional. If you’re bearing in mind stepping up your audio recreation, you wish to have to take into accounts those.

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