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Samsung UK says the Galaxy Note 2 (and Galaxy S3) will not receive Android 5.0 Lollipop

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Samsung UK says the Galaxy Note 2 (and Galaxy S3) will not receive Android 5.0 Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 watermarked

List it up beneath #AndroidProblems, however on the subject of firmware updates, it’s all the time tricky working out if an update will hit older legacy units. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, there’s been a large number of guessing as as to if or not the phablet will see an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop. On one hand, the telephone introduced again in August 2012, which falls out of doors the same old reinforce presented to units more youthful than 2 years. On the different hand, there used to be that small bit of info we saw towards the end of last year which indexed the Note 2 as receiving a long run update to Lollipop, however that used to be most effective on Samsung’s Finnish web site.

It doesn’t lend a hand that Samsung hasn’t been the so much approaching with knowledge on the update, sending combined knowledge throughout more than a few social networks which has left the few house owners that even care approximately Android updates scratching their heads. It turns out Samsung UK is after all losing just a little extra gentle on the topic, nevertheless it isn’t taking a look so just right. They’ve been responding to Galaxy Note 2 house owners on Twitter, permitting them to (and Galaxy S3 house owners) recognize that they will not be receiving an update to Lollipop in any style. At least not in the UK besides. Keep in thoughts that Samsung debts in different areas are telling a miles other tale, so it’s imaginable the update may just hit a few nations in Europe, simply not all over.

This particularly doesn’t bode smartly for the ones of you in the states nonetheless protecting onto the Galaxy Note 2. Not best may Samsung need to paintings on turning in an update to more than a few service variations, however US vendors might then have evaluation whether or not or not the update supplies any lasting worth to their consumers who've almost certainly moved onto more recent units. Add in the manpower it takes to approve those updates and the imaginable insects therein and also you get the image. Still, for the in point of fact devoted, there’s not anything preventing you from merely rooting your software and flashing a customized ROM.



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