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Samsung Shows You How To Get The Most From The Galaxy S8


Samsung Shows You How To Get The Most From The Galaxy S8

Paul Briden 26/06/2017 - 4:15pm

Samsung's handy guide lets you make the best use of the Galaxy S8's massive Infinity Display

Samsung's enjoying some quite robust sales of its flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 smartphones - not that we have official figures - but if multiple reports from analytics firms are to be believed, the firm is selling them by the bucket-load.

To keep people interested, or indeed perhaps to tempt a few outliers who've been intrigued but not yet pulled the trigger on the purchase, Samsung has released an official set of guidelines; tips and tricks demonstrating how users can get the most out of the enlarged Infinity Display screen real estate, as well as its interactive Edge features, and a handful of other useful tools.

"After activating the Unlock with Home button feature via Settings > Display > Navigation bar, a hard press of the square Home button from the Always On Display will unlock the device (a swiping motion is not required), while a double-tap will pull up the lock screen. The navigation bar’s settings also allow users to customize the Home button’s sensitivity to avoid unwanted presses."

"The Edge screen’s Edge lighting feature adds additional convenience, notifying users of incoming messages by illuminating the Infinity Display’s edges. This allows notifications to be visible even when the device is facing down, and creates an intuitive means to notify users of messages without disrupting their enjoyment of videos, games and apps."

"Find an interesting article that you’d like to get back to later? The Galaxy S8 allows users to conveniently save URLs using its Reminder function."

"With the website pulled up, simply access your browser’s sharing options and tap on the Reminder icon. Webpage URLs are automatically saved, and users may additionally select exactly when they’d like to receive their notification."

 "The Galaxy S8 also allows users to create reminders based on texts." 

Head over to the source to find out more.


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