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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Sounds, Ummm… EPIC!


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Sounds, Ummm… EPIC!

Richard Goodwin 06/07/2017 - 3:21pm

The camera inside the Galaxy Note 8 could well be the best imaging unit ever put inside a phone

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is just around the corner. Tipped to do battle with Apple’s iPhone 8 during the latter part of 2017, the Galaxy Note 8 is one of – if not the – most anticipated releases of the year.

Samsung recently demoed a bunch of new camera tech at MWC Shanghai, and it is believed this new technology will be coming to the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung showed off four new sub-brands of its ISOCELL camera sensors: ISOCELL Bright, ISOCELL Dual, ISOCELL Fast, and ISOCELL Slim. It is believed the Galaxy Note 8 will feature an ISOCELL dual-lens camera.

“A document that’s meant for showcasing Samsung’s upcoming technologies and plans to investors and shareholders mentions depth sensing, zooming, and enhanced low-light images,” reports Sam Mobile.

It added: “ISOCELL Dual sensors are said to be capable of these features, and we might see some of these features being used in the Galaxy Note 8. Depth sensing offers images with background defocus (also known as bokeh effect). The phablet was earlier rumored to feature dual-13MP 12MP camera sensors with 3x zoom capabilities."

Up to now, Samsung has been using Sony and ISOCELL camera sensors in its high-end releases. Whether the company will switch entirely to ISOCELL going forwards remains to be seen, but Samsung is clearly drilling-down hard on its proprietary technology.

Either way, the Galaxy Note 8 should represent a big step forward, with respect to imaging, for Samsung. A dual-lens camera will be just the tip of the iceberg, though, as Samsung KNOWS it has to beat Apple’s massively updated iPhone 8.

The Galaxy Note 8 will get a release in August, a full month ahead of Apple’s iPhone 8.


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