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Samsung: Galaxy Note 4 screen gap is a necessary feature


Samsung: Galaxy Note 4 screen gap is a necessary feature

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hands on

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lately made its approach onto Korean cabinets, and Samsung posted an unboxing video of the system to rejoice. However, one “feature” of the Note 4 that didn’t get talked about in that clip is now making headlines.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 house owners are noticing that some models have a gap between the show and metallic edge that’s giant sufficient to suit a enterprise card. Normally we’d ping Samsung for an evidence about this obvious defect, however Samsung beat us all to the punch by together with an evidence in the Note 4’s user manual. On web page one hundred eighty on the finish of the Troubleshooting part of the information, Samsung consists of the next info:

A small gap seems across the outdoors of the system case

  • This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and a few minor rocking or vibration of elements might happen
  • Over time, friction between elements might trigger this gap to increase barely

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen gap

That’s doubtless not the reason that many Note 4 house owners affected by this screen gap expect. What’s extra fascinating is the truth that this gap might develop barely over time, which isn’t one thing that you simply need to hear about your close to-$one thousand gadget. It’s value noting that not all Note 4 house owners look like affected by this challenge, and it’ll be fascinating to see how widespread the “feature” is as soon as the Note 4 launches internationally. Stay tuned.

Via Android Central,, Samsung UK


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