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Samsung Begins Production Of IoT Exynos i T200 Processor


Samsung Begins Production Of IoT Exynos i T200 Processor

Paul Briden 26/06/2017 - 2:19pm

Samsung has now begun mass production of its new SoC for smart connected home devices

Samsung's been in the processor production business for quite some time, but now the firm has developed a chip specifically designed for smart home devices; the kind of stuff which makes up the "Internet of Things".

The firm has now announced that mass production of its IoT chip, the ominously Skynet sounding Exynos i T200. This SoC is based on 28-nanometre High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) architecture, which is a bit surprising considering Samsung's advanced capabilities in smartphone chip production now includes faster and more thermal and power efficient 10-nanometre architecture. But still, perhaps Samsung is starting slowly.

The new chip is based on an ARM Cortex-R4 processor and a Cortex-M0 , and also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes a lot of sense considering the role of smart devices being interlinked within the domestic setting. Another key feature is built-in security management hardware.


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