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S-Pen stuck inside your Galaxy Note 5? Fix it with a simple piece of paper [VIDEO]

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S-Pen stuck inside your Galaxy Note 5? Fix it with a simple piece of paper [VIDEO]

Have you been dwelling beneath a rock the earlier few days and overlooked the large uproar that used to be brought about while the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 used to be found to have a major design flaw? Hopefully now not, as a result of you may now not have recognized to be additional cautious approximately reinserting your S-Pen again into the software the fitting means. Throwing it in backwards would possibly lead to it to get stuck and holiday the detection sensor inside the tool.

Thankfully, there's a sliver of wish for solving it your self in case you haven’t already yanked it out of there with pressure. How2Tech published a demonstration appearing that every one you wish to have is a skinny piece of paper to loose your S-Pen from its shackles with out harming the tool.

It merely comes to sliding a piece of paper up the retaining bay a long way sufficient in order that the paper pushes the detection sensor inward. This might preferably permit your S-Pen to slip by way of it with out the clicky most sensible snapping the detection sensor.

s-pen trick

It would possibly take a stable hand and the endurance of a God, but when it method saving your self an $800 headache then we believe you’ll be satisfied to provide it a check out. And for those who haven’t had the unlucky incident happen for you but, please watch out and ensure the sharp finish is going into the ground of the telephone first. Video’s sitting proper above.


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