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PSA: the new Chromecast 2015 doesn’t let you watch YouTube videos in 60fps

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PSA: the new Chromecast 2015 doesn’t let you watch YouTube videos in 60fps

YouTube 60fps app update

There’s so much to like approximately Chromecast 2015 (take a look at our unboxing here and walkthrough here) and even if Google’s followup to the Chromecast from just about 2 years in the past fastened lots of the problems we had with the older style — like after all including twin-band WiFi — the 2d era style isn’t best possible.

For starters, the Chromecast 2015 nonetheless doesn’t beef up 4K content material (O understand, proper?), forcing you to circulate 1080p video like a few type of animal. We understand, now not everybody in the market has the bandwidth to circulate 4K video or perhaps a fancy tv to even view it, however costs are losing all the time and it’d be great if our Chromecast 2015 used to be already in a position for it.

The different bizarre quirk we discovered is the Chromecast 2015 doesn’t even make stronger viewing of 60fps content material on YouTube. You would possibly understand that now not too way back YouTube rolled out the skill to watch videos in the upper body fee, first on-line, than eventually making its way to the Android app. Since the Chromecast streams video in an instant from the web (and doesn’t depend on your telephone for streaming), you can’t placed the blame on the YouTube app. Just to make certain, we examined it by way of casting 60fps YouTube videos from the Android app, YouTube from our personal computer pc, or even the YouTube Gaming app — all have been a no-move.

Chromecast 2015 Cast screen audio

There does appear to be a workaround if observing 60fps content material for your Chromecast is an absolute will have to, however it comes at the value of so much decrease output solution. Because display casting out of your telephone to the Chromecast (mirroring your Android show for your TV) is displayed in 60fps, you may just technically watch a 60fps YouTube video for your telephone, then watch in complete monitor mode in your TV.

While we’re now not so positive if this might be a make-or-holiday for any of you in the market, gazing videos at a better body fee is superb, now not just for online game streams, however sports activities clips and different fast moving content material. It’s tricky to mention, nevertheless it doesn’t sound such a lot like a hardware drawback as one thing that may be able to be looked after by means of a firmware update in the long run. Of path, we don’t suggest ever shopping for a product in accordance with what it would possibly do in the long run. As it stands, we needed to ensure you knew what Google’s little dongle is (and isn’t) able to out of the field.


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