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OnePlus 2 has some pretty amazing wallpapers and you can download them all right here

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OnePlus 2 has some pretty amazing wallpapers and you can download them all right here

OnePlus 2 wallpaper never_settle

Say what you will concerning the OnePlus 2 (in spite of a loss of NFC, it’s nonetheless a rattling just right telephone for the cost), however the other folks at OnePlus in point of fact designed some amazing wallpapers for the software. They waxed poetic about their default wallpaper in a wordy post on their blog, sooner or later posting all the partitions on their forum for all to enjoy. There’s a just right combine here, with so much installing in completely with Lollipop’s grayish/inexperienced colour palette.

Just take into account those have been designed for the OnePlus 2 which includes a 1080p show. For highest effects, it’s advisable your software has the similar. We supplied the download hyperlink with the zip beneath, in conjunction with a gallery linking to the whole measurement photographs if you’d like to pick out and select by yourself. Cheers.

Download all: OnePlus 2 wallpapers (26MB zip)

OnePlus_2-another_ocean-wallpaper OnePlus_2-axis-wallpaper wallpaper_0507 OnePlus_2-everest-wallpaper OnePlus_2-fragment-wallpaper OnePlus_2-hans-wallpaper OnePlus_2-iceberg-wallpaper OnePlus_2-manganese-wallpaper OnePlus_2-mineral_smudge-wallpaper OnePlus_2-mineral-wallpaper OnePlus_2-misty_mountains-wallpaper OnePlus_2-moby_dick-wallpaper OnePlus_2-moonshine-wallpaper OnePlus_2-northbound_a-wallpaper OnePlus_2-painting_in_the_rain-wallpaper 列印 OnePlus_2-reflexione-wallpaper OnePlus_2-ribbon-wallpaper OnePlus_2-standing_tall-wallpaper OnePlus_2-system_layers_I-wallpaper OnePlus_2-tai_ran-wallpaper OnePlus_2-trippy_troll-wallpaper OnePlus_2-voyage_to_elsewhere-wallpaper OnePlus_2-waves-wallpaper

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