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NSA and GCHQ Have Access To BILLIONS of SIM Cards –– Latest Snowden Leak


NSA and GCHQ Have Access To BILLIONS of SIM Cards –– Latest Snowden Leak

O2 SIM card

GCHQ and the NSA have pulled off one thing of a coup, getting access to BILLIONS of SIM playing cards. Time to get paranoid?


Until final week it used to be idea that America’s and Britain’s undercover agent businesses had handiest been concentrated on the arena’s biggest generation firms like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Yahoo to gather the whole thing from the webcam conversations of its customers to their emails. But as The Intercept has revealed the NSA and GCHQ have long past so much additional than that--and the revelations shall be unsettling for any person who has ever used a cell phone.

The recent trough of papers whistleblower Edward Snowden has dropped display that when you consider that no less than 2010 Britain and America’s undercover agent businesses have had direct get right of entry to to the bulk of cell phone communications around the globe. That’s proper: likelihood is that the very telephone you're the use of can also be hacked at will will have to the NSA or GCHQ so select. Here’s the whole thing you wish to have to understand and what you'll be able to do approximately it.

What came about?

According to categorized files leaked by way of Edward Snowden and revealed on The Intercept the NSA and GCHQ labored in combination in 2010 to hack into the methods of the Dutch corporate Gemalto. Gemalto is one of the arena’s biggest SIM card producers, making over 2 billion of the ones tiny playing cards that have compatibility into our mobiles once a year.

During the hack the undercover agent businesses stole the encryption keys for all of the SIMs Gemalto makes. By default all of the knowledge a person SIM transmits--from voice calls to emails to texts--is encrypted proper at the SIM. S key's typically despatched in conjunction with this knowledge permitting the SIM to log into the cellular supplier’s network and permitting the information being transmitted to be learn. Without the important thing any person who attempts to intercept the information can’t learn it. With the important thing your telephone is an open guide to someone who intercepts your knowledge.

Since the NSA and GCHQ received all of the keys for the SIMs Gemalto produced, it’s most probably that the businesses can learn any of the information from mobiles the use of Gemalto SIM playing cards.

Who’s affected?

O few billion cell phone customers on the earth. The explanation why the NSA and GCHQ went after Gemalto is as it’s one of the most important SIM makers on the earth. In the United States it supplies the SIM playing cards for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. In the United Kingdom it supplies the SIM playing cards for Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three. And around the globe Gemalto supplies the SIM playing cards for 450 different cellular operators.

So is GCHQ and the NSA listening in on my telephone calls?

The fair solution is “who is aware of?” The most probably solution is “more than likely now not”. Though the undercover agent businesses have the functions to watch billions of cell phones all over the world they most probably don’t have the manpower. It’s in doubt they're randomly checking in at the communications of you or your subsequent door neighbor. Instead, will have to they think you or your neighbor of being any type of safety risk they’ll now be able of record into your calls and collecting your cellular knowledge at will.

Is this criminal?

Numerous civil liberty campaigners say there is not any doubt GCHQ and the NSA violated Dutch regulation. As for violating US and British regulations, the solutions are inconclusive. In the United Kingdom regulation enforcement businesses have already got the fitting to pay attention in on your telephone and knowledge communications if they think criminality way to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). In such instances the regulation enforcement businesses may want to notify the cell phone operators who might want to agree to the request. Of direction the adaptation among RIPA and what GCHQ and the NSA are doing now's that the latter permits them to pay attention to calls with out informing somebody.

Are the cellular community suppliers doing anything else to struggle this?

It’s too early to inform as the scoop used to be handiest made public remaining week. However, Chris Soghoian, foremost technologist on the American Civil Liberties Union, advised The Guardian that it used to be “most unlikely that this is a matter that may be going to be fastened every time quickly. There isn't any explanation why for other folks to agree with AT&T, Verizon or somebody at this aspect. Their methods are hopelessly insecure.”

What can O do to offer protection to myself?

There are a couple of steps, however recognize that ripping out your SIM and getting a brand new one will more than likely do no just right. Chances are you’ll simply get some other SIM made via Gemalto. And despite the fact that you don’t there’s no explanation why to consider GCHQ and the NSA haven’t hacked into different SIM card producers too.

That being stated, despite the fact that you've a SIM that has been hacked you'll be able to nonetheless encrypt your messages by means of different way, so despite the fact that your SIM may also be decrypted your knowledge is the use of an extra layer of encryption that wishes a separate key to be accessed.

Apple iMessages use a separate degree of encryption, so theoretically knowledge despatched thru iMessages will have to be protected. WhatsApp additionally makes use of further encryption and so do the default e mail shoppers on iOS and Android. As for voice encryption you'll be able to use apps like Signal, RedPhone and Silent Phone.

Using the above apps gained’t make your telephone hack-evidence, however as The Intercept points out, it's going to make it a lot more tricky for anyone to get into your telephone:

“Governments nonetheless could possibly intercept communications, however studying or paying attention to them will require hacking a selected handset, acquiring inside knowledge from an e-mail supplier, or putting in a malicious program in a room to report the conversations.”

Richard Goodwin 13:22, 23 Feb 2015

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