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Nintendo 64 Classic Edition On The Way


Nintendo 64 Classic Edition On The Way

Paul Briden 21/07/2017 - 1:52pm

Nintendo is re-booting the old Nintendo 64 as a Classic Edition

Following on from the launch of the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Editon, Nintendo appears to be preparing another re-booted, miniaturesed Classic Edition console; the Ninentdo 64 Classic Edition.

How do we know this? Simple really, Nintendo just filed a trademark in Europe for a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition; it's not named as such, but it is most definitely a console, and it shows an image of the controller, which is classic Nintendo 64 style.

We can only assume that Nintendo will follow the same model it has done with its existing Classic Editions's; they've both been made smaller and more compact (fits in the palm of your hand) than the original versions, but with the same capabilities, and they've been quite cheap; as in under $100.

Also the above image matches with Nintendo's earlier trademarking of Classic Edition consoles and the subsequent branding imagery on the packaging. The NES Classic Edition filing had the same line-drawing style of its own controller, while the retail box had that image on the top.

And it's the same story for the SNES Classic Edition too.

The NES Classic Edition launched in late 2016 but has now ended production after six months of being on the market. The Super NES Classic Edition was announced already but will not hit the market until September 29 2017, but is only expected to see production until the end of the year.

So as well as playing on the fond memories of old-school gamers and retro gaming fans, and the affordability of these new machines, Nintendo is also making an appeal through scarcity and limited-time availability. It's not clear when the Nintendo 64 Classic Editon will arrive, but we'd guess it will be after the SNES Classic Edition closes production. 

Of course none of this is official yet, and Nintendo is keeping completely zipped. We'll have more for you as we hear it.


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