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Nexus 5X camera app upside down? Google recommends notifying Android developers still using old API

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Nexus 5X camera app upside down? Google recommends notifying Android developers still using old API

At $380, the Nexus 5X is Google’s extra reasonably priced telephone access for 2015. Despite decrease pricing, the Nexus 5X in fact options the similar 12.3MP camera as the upper-finish Nexus 6P with one key distinction: the camera module in fact rests in a special orientation. It’s this unconventional placement that’s inflicting a few third birthday party apps to show a flipped symbol while taking a look on the viewfinder.

Before you blame the telephone’s hardware, it seems that this has extra to do with app developers lagging on updating their apps with Google’s recent imaging APIs. Google’s Eino-Ville Talvala — tech lead for Android’s camera framework — says in a publish on Reddit:

“Image sensors on a compliant Android tool may also be fixed in certainly one of tactics. Most units use a method, so a large number of camera apps have by no means been examined on units that pick out the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, our old camera API (that is deprecated, however so much apps still use it) isn’t extraordinarily consumer-pleasant, and calls for software developers to explicitly set the preview rotation. On so much units, despite the fact that, it seems the default rotation is right kind for a pressured-panorama app, such a lot of apps by no means name the show orientation means.

The new camera2 API handles the rotation routinely for developers, however till they transfer to the brand new API, apps want to use the boilerplate we've got within the developer doctors to test the sensor and UI orientation, and practice the correct rotation.”

So there you've it. No, we don’t have some other “#gate” on our arms. In reality, so much larger identify apps within the Play Store will have to all be running positive. It’s the ones older apps that haven’t been up to date to Google’s recent camera API may just come up with a few hassle.

Should you run into this type of apps, Talvala recommends losing the developer and pleasant e-mail in order that they may update to the up to date APIs. And don’t assume Google isn’t doing their phase. Talvala additionally mentions that Android’s developer family members staff is weeding out damaged camera apps with LG serving to out as smartly.


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