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Nexus 2016: TWO Devices Made By HTC?


Nexus 2016: TWO Devices Made By HTC?


Will HTC produce each Nexus 2016 smartphones? Rumours recommend perhaps

Paul Briden

HTC may well be developing as many as TWO Nexus units on Google's behalf inside of 2016, in line with the up to date knowledge.

We've in the past heard various murmurings from the hearsay mill relating to Google's plans for the Nexus line in 2016, variously the finger has pointed at returns from LG, Motorola and Huawei, in addition to at HTC. Yup, HTC has been discussed ahead of, even though handiest within the context of a giant "Nexus 8" tablet, however in accordance to a few blurb from resources on Chinese social community Weibo the HTC-similar plans could also be increasing to incorporate a few smartphones too (or as an alternative of?). Bear in thoughts that is already on shaky territory to begin with - a few dependable information comes from Weibo, however on a regular basis from particular tipsters fairly than simply randomly out of the ether.

What's extra strange is the allegation that there will probably be each a 5in and a 5.5in telephone handset from HTC. This is abnormal on a couple of ranges.

Firstly, there is HTC's personal problems within the telephone marketplace - it is no mystery it is not doing too smartly with its personal units - in fact, this sort of deal may well be very really helpful to HTC, because it used to be for LG, in propelling the software maker to the centre of the general public eye. On most sensible of this, there is been various reviews approximately issues of the Huawei-made Nexus 6P and its steel bodywork and, reputation problems apart, few can argue with HTC's prowess in making steel bodied telephones. On the opposite hand HTC did make the Nexus 9 tablet and that did candy Fanny Adams to lend a hand the then-ill company.

Secondly, smartly we hate to show the bleeding obtrusive however there is now not a large number of distinction among a 5in and 5.5in shape issue. Sure, the Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P had their critics merely on the brink of the foibles related to phablet-scale units, and perhaps Google needs to reduce the bigger type somewhat as a result of this. But nonetheless, having units with best part-an-inch among them does appear somewhat redundant to mention the very least.

But for us probably the most obvious oddity is not just having HTC in at the Nexus undertaking in any respect, however turning in each phone units for that yr to the similar producer. Sure, 2015 used to be the primary yr we noticed Nexus telephone merchandise introduced in tandem, however previous to that once Google has been introducing telephones and drugs to the variety it has all the time picked one producer for each and every software. This does carry the quesion of whether or not those would be the ONLY Nexus units introduced in 2016, to us it indicates more than likely now not, most likely we will be able to nonetheless see additonal fashions from the likes of LG and Huawei, in addition to drugs too, if rumours are to be believed. Frankly, we discover it a troublesome promote to believe Google hanging all its eggs in a single HTC-branded basket.

14:03, 19 Jan 2016

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