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New Nexus phones could both feature fingerprint scanner, front-facing speaker and USB Type-C

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New Nexus phones could both feature fingerprint scanner, front-facing speaker and USB Type-C

Nexus 5 back 1

Google’s plans for a 2015 Nexus telephone (or of the dangerous boys) are nonetheless in large part unknown, however the only consistent concept is that there can be units, one by way of LG and one via Huawei. Serial leakster Steve Hemmerstoffer shed a few extra gentle on what we may be able to be expecting from the units.

For starters, LG’s may are available at a drastically smaller shape issue of 5.2 inches, versus the 5.7-inch phablet Huawei is making. This is superb information as many of us have been became off via the Nexus 6’s 5.9 inches, and the truth that there used to be no 2014 choice (rather than settling for the 2013 Nexus 5) intended many needed to skip out on a Nexus telephone.

We’re additionally studying both phones may have steel builds, front-facing audio system, fingerprint scanners and USB Type-C. We’re now not solely stunned to listen to all of this. Google has brought professional enhance for fingerprint scanners into Android as of Android C, so it stands to explanation why the most useful developer units may have one. They have been additionally one of the primary forces behind the development of USB Type-C, so it’d be foolish in the event that they weren’t serious about pushing the usual.

The front-facing speaker bit is especially fascinating as neither of those firms have had an outstanding monitor document in going with that kind of goodness. Perhaps Google used to be so proud of the Nexus 6’s feature that they advised those producers to incorporate it.

lg nexus 2015 case 1

For what it’s value, there was a few minor proof that the front-facing speaker bit is each and every bit as correct as the remainder of the murmurings. The leaked photos of the LG Nexus’ case (pictured above) show no important hollow for sound to flee from, and we additionally weren’t in a position to note any audio system at the rear of the leaked Huawei prototype (down below) that may turn out to be the Nexus we’re hearing about.

huawei nexus

It’s our wish that this element is correct as a result of front-facing audio system are f*$!ing superior (and we thank HTC dearly for making it all of the rage while nobody else used to be doing it).

Both of those units are sounding like they’ll push the bar for what’s imaginable in 2015, and we will be able to’t wait to listen to extra approximately them. Anyone else fascinated with maintaining out on these days’s present choices to peer what those units would possibly deliver us within the close to long run?

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