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New Apple TV vs Roku 4: David Takes On Goliath Once Again


New Apple TV vs Roku 4: David Takes On Goliath Once Again


This is a tricky one... Apple TV -- the NEW one -- Takes On The Mighty Roku 4

Michael Grothaus 12:38, 16 Oct 2015

One of Apple’s so much eagerly awaited units–the up to date Apple TV–is about to release this month. Among different issues, it options a brand spanking new OS, its personal App Store, and one of the crucial technologically complex remotes we’ve ever noticed. But scorching at the heels of the brand new Apple TV (and arriving in a while ahead of it) is the brand new Roku 4. Roku virtually invented the virtual media participant marketplace and it’s now not going to allow firms like Apple simply stroll proper in and take hold of marketplace percentage with no battle. Matter of reality, there are a few things the brand new Roku 4 does higher than the brand new Apple TV.

Both firms are hoping their units may have sufficient bells and whistles–and distinctive options–to ensure theirs is the only you choose to place underneath the tree this vacation season. But simply how does each and every examine? And that is the suitable one for you? We took a glance to determine.

The new Apple TV vs Roku 4: Specs and Design

Here’s the specifications for the brand new Apple TV:

  • Output: HDMI

  • Processor: Dual-center A8 chip

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Storage: 32 GB or 64 GB

  • Max. Output Video Resolution: 1080p

  • Dimensions: 98(C) x 98(C) x 33(A) mm

  • Weight: 425 g

  • Connectivity: 10/100BASE‑T Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth 4.0

And right here’s the specifications for the Roku 4:

  • Output: HDMI, optical audio

  • Processor: Quad-Core processor (sort unknown)

  • RAM: 1.5GB

  • Storage: 256 MB integrated (unconfirmed), microSD card port for extra recreation and channel garage, USB port for private media enlargement

  • Max. Output Video Resolution: 4K

  • Dimensions: 165(C) x 165(C) x 20(H) mm

  • Weight: 408 g

  • Connectivity: 10/100BASE‑T Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi‑Fi

S realize we are living in a spec-extensive tech global, however truthfully relating to virtual media participant’s the interior specifications of the units don’t topic that so much. Why? Because their number one serve as is to move video and for that a large number of computing energy isn’t essential. But allow's run thru the ones spec variations simply so we will be able to get them out of the best way.

The Apple TV handiest has a twin center processor, however that’s sufficient for what it must do (movement 1080p video). On the opposite hand, the Roku 4 has a quad-center processor. Why? Because it wishes the additional energy to procedure its 4k video (extra on that under). That being stated, the Apple TV has 2 GB of RAM, the place the Roku 4 handiest has 1.5 GB. Does that make an enormous distinction? No, however the Apple TV will have the benefit of the additional 512MB of RAM as it handles extra complex gaming.

On the garage entrance the diversities are MASSIVE. The Apple TV is available in 32 and 64 GB choices. This is very important, since the Apple TV has its personal iOS-like App Store that has each apps and video games. The extra apps and video games you've gotten the more space you wish to have. The Roku 4 most effective has 256 MB of garage inbuilt as a result of virtually the whole thing it does is streamed. That being stated, the Roku 4 does have the benefit of a microSD card port for extra recreation and channel garage and a USB port for private media enlargement (assume: your own %). The Apple TV lacks exterior garage.

Another factor the Apple TV lacks is strengthen for 4k video, which the Roku 4 helps. Yes, right here Roku obviously wins–however on the other hand there's little or no 4k content material to be had now. That being stated, it’s great to understand your Roku 4 is long run evidence, the place the brand new Apple TV isn't. Another great factor concerning the Roku 4 is that may be gives optical audio out–one thing audio buffs will love. The Apple TV doesn’t be offering optical audio.

As a long way as their designs: howdy, they’re each black bins. The Roku is flatter and wider, while the Apple TV is taller however thinner.

The new Apple TV vs Roku 4: Remotes

The Roku 4 comes with a bodily far flung that still doubles as a fundamental recreation controller. It additionally includes a artful integrated headphone jack. Plug for your headphone to it (Roku features a pair) and the sound in your TV is mechanically muted and directed during the far flung into your ears. This is superb for many who could also be the use of the Roku past due at night time whilst others could also be snoozing. Roku even constructed quantity buttons into the aspect of the far flung so you'll be able to keep an eye on the quantity while the headphones are plugged in.

The Roku 4 faraway additionally provides a speaker. Why? How again and again have you ever misplaced your faraway? Yeah, S idea so. Well now all of your want to do is press a button on most sensible of your Roku 4 and the faraway will play an audio tone alerting you to its region. Oh, and one last item, the Roku 4 far flung gives voice seek. Yep, talk the name, actor, or director of the content material you wish to have to observe and Roku will in finding it for you.

Voice seek could also be one thing the up to date Apple TV faraway gives too. Called the “Siri Remote”–you guessed it–the primary function is Siri integration. Now you'll be able to press a Siri button at the far flung and talk your command for your Apple TV. You can say such things as “Find films with Tom Cruise” and the Apple TV will in finding all of them according to your command. But you'll be able to additionally use the Siri Remote to navigate inside of films. If you ignored one thing a personality has stated you'll be able to say “What did he say” and Siri may have the Apple TV right away rewind. You too can use the Siri Remote to allow such things as closed captioning or use it to as your Apple TV concerning the climate.

And that’s now not all of the Siri Remote can do. It’s additionally were given a marginally pad at its most sensible–not more clicking thru menus with directional buttons. Now you'll be able to swipe thru them without difficulty. As if that’s now not sufficient, the Siri Remote additionally has a integrated IR transmitter so it may well if truth be told keep an eye on the quantity for your TV or S/S receiver and switch it on or off too. That approach there’s no want to succeed in for a separate far flung to regulate the quantity.

The new Apple TV vs Roku 4: OS and Content

Both the brand new Apple TV and the Roku 4 options utterly made over OSes. Let’s get started with Apple’s software: The new Apple TV’s OS is totally other than the antique Apple TV’s OS.  It’s formally referred to as tvOS and it's got a ravishing new interface that’s a lot more appealing to the attention. In addition to its personal App Store it additionally options a few very cool movement, top definition video screensavers that show while your Apple TV is idle. It’s a small function, however one that may be very cool.

But the good factor approximately tvOS is its seek function. On the antique Apple TV that you must handiest seek inside of person channels. With the brand new Apple TV on every occasion you seek (by the use of voice or textual content) it searches each and every channel and app for your Apple TV. This method in the event you seek for films starring Brad Pitt, you’ll now not handiest see effects from the iTunes Store, however from Netflix, HBO GO, and no matter what different apps you have got put in.

And talking of that App Store–buh bye channels. The new Apple TV is all app-primarily based. This method that any one–regardless of the media supplier–could make channels for the tvOS App Store. That’s especially cool as it method content material suppliers just like the BBC, as an example, who has lengthy been absent from the Apple TV, may just in spite of everything make iPlayer for the Apple TV simply by unlock an app.

Now let us take a look at the Roku 4. It’s new OS is referred to as Roku OS 7. Much of it resembles the older OS on earlier Roku gamers: it gives over 2,500 channels together with all of the top ones like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Crackle, YouTube, Showtime Anytime, WatchESPN, Bloomberg TV, Vevo, HBO GO, and Pandora. But the large factor approximately Roku OS 7 is what it calls Roku Feed. This lets in the consumer to bookmark favourite TV presentations and films. You’ll then get a notification while one of the crucial channels Roku gives has that display or film on it.

In some way that is just like the common seek tvOS gives, nevertheless it’s extra useful in that Roku tracks what you prefer and signals you while it turns into to be had. With the Apple TV it’s as much as you to remember that to seek for it.

The new Apple TV vs Roku 4: Gaming

Each virtual media participant additionally doubles as an off-the-cuff video games console. The Roku 4 comes with a faraway regulate that doubles as a recreation pad. However, its shape issue resembles a type of bar hones you in finding at the again of your airline seat that has a easy W-pad and and S and 1 button. That being stated, the far flung additionally works as a movement controller, so be expecting a few Wii-like gaming.

As for the brand new Apple TV, way to its App Store you’ll be capable of play nearly any recreation you'll be able to play on an iOS tool–as soon as the ones devs port them over. As for controlling the ones video games you'll be able to use the incorporated Siri Remote’s touchpad or use it as a wand-taste far flung ala the Wii Remote. The new Apple TV will even reinforce 3rd-birthday party recreation controllers.

The new Apple TV vs Roku 4: Price and Verdict

Issuing a verdict on which of those virtual media gamers is best possible is tricky for a lot of purposes. First is the fee–they vary wildly. The new Apple TV 32 GB style will value $149USD and the 64 GB model will value $199USD. The new Roku 4 prices handiest $129 (no UK pricing has been introduced for both but).

For the upper costs you get that tremendous touchpad Siri Remote with the Apple TV. Yet the faraway at the Roku 4 isn’t too shabby both. If you care approximately gaming, it’s protected to mention the Apple TV is the winner–it’s were given the App Store, so as to quickly have loads of iOS-high quality video games. Then once more, the brand new Apple TV doesn’t be offering 4k video streaming, however the Roku 4 does. Increasingly, prime video streaming products and services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are providing extra 4k content material. If you get the brand new Apple TV you’ll be caught staring at 1080p.

And talking of Amazon Instant Video, in case you sign up for that you're out of good fortune with the Apple TV. Amazon has lately pulled the Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast from its retailer as a result of neither reinforce Amazon’s video carrier. If the corporate pulled the ones units it doesn’t bode smartly for an Amazon Instant Video app for the Apple TV any time quickly. That approach when you sign up for Amazon Instant Video you’ll want to opt for the Roku 4 (or Amazon fireplace TV) because it helps Amazon’s carrier.

The base line is it’s a tricky name as to what you will have to make a selection. S’d say for those who care approximately probably the most content material at the best quality opt for the Roku 4. But when you care approximately probably the most options (apps and video games) opt for the Apple TV.


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