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Mysterious HTC 0PM3100 stops by FCC on its way to Verizon

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Mysterious HTC 0PM3100 stops by FCC on its way to Verizon


Despite studies that the HTC One M9 hasn’t precisely been flying off of retailer cabinets, it kind of feels the Taiwanese producer isn’t in a position to throw within the towel moderately but. Making a pit prevent by the FCC these days is a mysterious new HTC software wearing the type quantity “0PM3100.”

We can’t needless to say inform what the HTC 0PM3100 is at this aspect, however the documentation makes it transparent that that is, in reality, a phone and now not any other software like a brand new HTC tablet. What’s extra is the frequency bands make it the very best have compatibility for Verizon’s community right here in america, with the telephone wearing a handful of suitable LTE and CDMA bands.

The style quantity isn’t too a long way off from the HTC One M9’s which we initially saw leaked as the 0PJA10/13 back in January. From right here, we will be able to handiest bet as to whether or not or now not that is that souped up HTC One M9 we heard rumors approximately, or most likely a US version of the HTC One M9+ which at this aspect is most effective to be had in Asian markets.

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