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Mark Zuckerberg shows off Facebook’s artificial intelligence research [VIDEO]

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Mark Zuckerberg shows off Facebook’s artificial intelligence research [VIDEO]

Facebook AI Research

Even although Facebook isn’t rather in a position to start out construction self-riding automobiles (but), that doesn’t imply the social community large isn’t actively running on different fun new applied sciences. In a publish shared to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile lately, ‘ol Zucks confirmed off a video detailing the corporate’s paintings on artificial intelligence, in particular when it comes to machines that may determine the arena round them.

In the quick video, Facebook’s AI device used to be in a position to spot items, pieces, and issues as they gave the impression in pictures. It’s now not too some distance off from the paintings we’ve noticed Google do with products and services like Google Photos, however Facebook AI Research appears to be going a special direction with it, the use of the generation to lend a hand disabled other folks “see” what’s in a photograph with device that speaks it to them. This isn’t handiest useful for those who’re blind, however you'll be able to see the place this may ultimately result in, be it self-riding automobiles, Roombas, or robots.

A’m impressed by way of this video approximately our artificial intelligence research at Facebook.Our AI can now take a look at a photograph, work out what’s in it and lend a hand give an explanation for it to you. This is particularly useful in case you’re blind or can’t see the photograph. We see AI as serving to computer systems higher be mindful the arena — so they may be able to be extra useful to other folks.We’re nonetheless early with this generation, and you'll be able to already begin to believe how useful it's going to be one day.

Posted by way of Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

While new generation like this can also be frightening, Facebook sees it as but differently long run tech will probably be extra useful to folks and likens it to the cars a good way to increase our lifestyles, now not take over it. Yeah, check out telling Sarah Conner that.


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