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ISIS (yes, the bad one) has an Android app that you probably don’t want to download

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ISIS (yes, the bad one) has an Android app that you probably don’t want to download


Android units having the freedom to set up non-Google sanctioned programs from third events has all the time been a kind of double edged sword. While this has lead for the platform to turn out to be a goal for malicious actions, it’s now getting used as a platform to additional the terrorist time table. Fun, proper?

The terrorist team referred to as ISIS now has an Android app they’re the use of to additional unfold propaganda and stay supporters up to date with all the information, stories, pictures, and all the image movies the group can churn up. After their makes an attempt at launching their very own social community failed and social media posts are got rid of inside of mins of going are living, it used to be transparent the hate workforce wanted some other medium to proceed spewing their bullsh*t message. Android used to be a most probably objective.

We will have to be transparent: the app isn't to be had in the Google Play Store, nor will it ever be. But it may be sideloaded for the very temporary moments it’s published on-line (even though we don’t suggest doing so for glaring purposes). While it’s imaginable the app may well be honeypot for US businesses to weed out ISIS supporters, we expect social media is already doing an excellent task for that. We’re positive the app is riddled with all kinds of terrible permissions so despite the fact that you’re curious, we strongly urge you to keep away.



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