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iPhone 8 “Final” Design LEAKS In Renders – Priced @ $1,200


iPhone 8 “Final” Design LEAKS In Renders – Priced @ $1,200

Paul Briden 25/07/2017 - 10:26am

Apple's iPhone 8 design is allegedly final, with a fingerprint scanner inside the power key

The alleged "final" design of the iPhone 8 has now leaked in a set of renders.

There's been much back and forth on the subject of the iPhone 8's design, with many reports saying Apple is yet to pick a final configuration from its many prototypes. This comes off the back of multiple reports around the issue of implementing major new designs and features, such as the Touch ID fingerprint scanner potentially being embedded under the display glass, and the inclusion of a 3D face scanner. As well as these, there's the OLED display, which at one point was curved, but is now apparently flat.

Now though, Forbes has picked up renders which it claims depict the final design which will go into production and hit retail inside Q4.

According to the report, the new iPhone 8 will cost as much as $1,100-$1,200 for the entry level model; although it's said that this entry-level model will have 128GB of onboard storage. This follows earlier reports of the new iPhone being in excess of $1,000, but the quoted tag of $1,200 is the highest predicted price we've seen to date.

As per usual, the renders are allegedly sourced from a case maker and based on details from inside Apple's suppy chain. It's said the display bezels measure 4mm on each side.

The renders also show a much bigger power key on the phone's right-hand side, which ties in with earlier rumours that Apple has embedded the fingerprint scanner inside. The phone is said to feature stero speakers and a battery life greater than the iPhone 7 Plus.


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