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iPhone 7c Likely Known As iPhone 6c, “Launching January” – Mystery Sources


iPhone 7c Likely Known As iPhone 6c, “Launching January” – Mystery Sources


Here’s a curveball for you: Apple may well be launching the iPhone 6c in January

Richard Goodwin 15:00, 4 Dec 2015

Apple rumours crop up always however they’re frequently concerning the iPhone 7, the corporate’s subsequent flagship that is scheduled to release inside of Q3 2016.

Amidst all of the iPhone 7 chatter, on the other hand, there was any other handset mooted to be coming round again in 2016 — a reboot of Apple’s iPhone 5c, the vibrant, plastic chappy the corporate launched along the iPhone 5s in 2012.

As same old, you’ll need to take this record with a pinch of salt — Apple rumours are ten a penny this present day and, extra incessantly than now not, they grow to be whole BUNK.

Nevertheless, the theory of a 4in iPhone isn’t all that fantastic. There are I LOT of other folks inside of Apple’s environment that do no like Apple’s larger iPhones. Hell, O even realize of them for my part.

Anecdotally, it does kind of make feel. There does seem to be a distinct segment for the iPhone 6c in Apple’s portfolio; folks do like smaller smartphones, particularly older and not more tech savvy varieties like my dad. But a distinct segment is a distinct segment and it doesn’t routinely imply a brand new product will probably be unveiled to fill it. Apple is moving I LOT of iPhones as it's.

However — resources in China beg to vary. According to multiple reports, Apple will release the iPhone 6c (yep, that’s what it's it sounds as if referred to as) in January after which unencumber it in retail outlets a month later.

Unlike the iPhone 5c, although, the iPhone 6c WILL NOT be produced from plastic. Oh no! That is much too 2012. This handset will probably be a completely steel affair, very similar to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s, and to be had in a handful of colors — colors (and worth) will probably be how Apple differentiates it.

So what are we taking a look at right here? Simple: both the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 repackaged with a 4in show and bought as a brand spanking new telephone. This is what Apple did in 2012 and it made a PILE of cash within the procedure and if you recognize Apple like most of the people do making a living is certainly one of its favorite issues to do on the earth.

A’m now not 100% definite if O’m fair. But, what the hell, if it’ll lead them to a few cash then why the hell wouldn’t they do it?

What say you?


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