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iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Top Tips and Best Tricks


iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Top Tips and Best Tricks

Get probably the most from Apple's iOS 8 and iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus with those superior guidelines and tips

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The iPhone 6 and its big large brother the iPhone 6 Plus are the 2 very best smartphones Apple has ever made. Yet should you’re like many (myself incorporated) likelihood is that you’re now not the use of Apple’s recent and biggest handsets to their fullest. That’s since the iPhone does such a lot it’s nearly unimaginable to understand each and every little tip and trick each the hardware and its tool can carry out. That’s the place this information is available in. We’ll be updating it each and every week to turn you the recent and biggest guidelines we’ve found out and those that our readers have found out too. And we’d like to have you ever give a contribution. If you’ve were given a favourite iPhone tip or trick tell us approximately it within the feedback.

Now, this is our first addition: Security. 

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Privacy & Security

Enable iCloud backups of all of your software

Over the previous couple of years my iPhone has transform simply as necessary a hub for all my knowledge as my pc has been for the ultimate ten years. Matter of reality, if my pc may get misplaced or stolen, there’s a great opportunity O may just proceed operating my lifestyles with simply my iPhone.

It incorporates my bank cards (thank you, Apple Pay), my so much essential files (hat tip to you, Dropbox and iCloud Documents), all my banking knowledge (my financial institution’s apps), my contacts and addresses, my emails, and even my private pictures.

Unfortunately as a result of its measurement the iPhone is far more uncomplicated to lose or have stolen than a pc. And if it will get misplaced, A lose a large a part of my lifestyles’s knowledge. That’s why it’s extra essential than ever that O–and you–make whole backups of your iPhone steadily.

Thankfully, Apple makes that straightforward to do–and it permits you to do it in tactics: by means of iCloud or by the use of iTunes. Here’s how:

Backup your iPhone by means of iCloud

Go on your Settings app and navigate to iCloud>Backup. Toggle the iCloud backup transfer to ON (inexperienced). Now any time your iPhone is plugged into USB energy (a pc or the USB energy brick) and it’s hooked up to a Wi-Fi network all of its files, bills, Health knowledge, HomeKit knowledge, settings, and extra will probably be subsidized as much as iCloud. As you generally plug your iPhone in each and every night time prior to mattress, this implies your iPhone might be subsidized up each and every night time. If it’s then ever misplaced or stolen you'll be able to merely repair all of your knowledge to a brand new iPhone out of your iPhone backup.

Backup your iPhone by the use of iTunes

Another method to backup your iPhone is by means of iTunes. To do that plug your iPhone into your pc and release iTunes. From the File menu select Devices>Backup. As with the iCloud way, the iTunes way will backup all of your files, debts, Health knowledge, HomeKit knowledge, settings, and extra right away on your pc.

Hide footage for your iPhone

One of the good stuff concerning the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are its cameras. It lets in us to take footage anywhere and on every occasion we would like. The problem is on occasion others would possibly borrow our telephone and may just view a few footage we would possibly need to stay from their eyes.

That’s why Apple has now constructed within the skill to cover person footage at will. When you cover an image is it got rid of from Years, Collections, and Moments perspectives in your telephone and can handiest be accessed from the Hidden photograph album on your Photos app. This way you'll be able to effectively allow anyone swipe thru the primary photograph library for your telephone with out the fear that they’ll swipe to a photograph of an individual nature.

To disguise footage for your iPhone in finding the image you wish to have to cover on your Photos app and faucet and grasp on it. From the contextual menu that looks faucet “Hide” and then faucet the Hide Photo affirmation popup that looks.

You can unhide pictures through going to the Hidden album, tapping at the hidden photograph, and tapping the “Unhide” contextual menu merchandise.

Set up a robust password with nuclear choices

In the unlucky case your iPhone is misplaced or stolen you wish to have to be sure that no less than your knowledge is as off-limits to prying eyes up to imaginable. The unmarried easiest means to try this is through ensuring your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has Touch ID enabled. This is your first defensive line in preserving folks from your iPhone.

Enable Touch ID

Go to the Settings app and faucet Touch ID & Passcode. Under the USE TOUCH ID FOR: header, toggle iPhone Unlock to ON (inexperienced). You’ll be walked during the steps important to go into your fingerprints. Once whole any time someone needs to unencumber your iPhone they’ll want your fingerprint or passcode.

Speaking of the ones passcodes...Touch ID calls for you put a passcode in case the sensor fails and it may possibly now not learn your fingerprint. Many other folks simply set a 4-digit PIN as a passcode, but given 4-digit PINs best have 9999 imaginable mixtures, they aren’t probably the most safe towards anyone who in reality needs to get into your telephone.

That’s why O extremely suggest developing robust passcode that may be an alphanumeric word.

Create Strong Password

Go to the Settings app and faucet Touch ID & Passcode. Switch the Simple Passcode toggle OFF (white). Now input you new alphanumeric robust passcode. Now every time someone needs to release your iPhone and they don’t have your fingerprints they’ll want to bet a a lot more complicated passcode.

And shall we now not disregard you'll be able to affiliate a nuclear choice with each a easy and robust passcode. If anyone does scouse borrow your iPhone and attempts to repeatedly bet your passcode you'll be able to set all of the knowledge at the iPhone to be erased after 10 failed makes an attempt. If this occurs and you do get your iPhone again it is going to be utterly erased, so make sure to make backups of your software regularly.

To set your iPhone to erase its knowledge after ten failed passcode makes an attempt pass to the Settings app and faucet Touch ID & Passcode. Toggle the Erase Data transfer to ON (inexperienced). You’ve now set the nuclear choice.

Michael Grothaus 15:37, 26 Mar 2015

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