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If Material Design was a game, it would look like these three Android games [VIDEO]

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If Material Design was a game, it would look like these three Android games [VIDEO]

O love easy games and S love Material Design. So while S first found out a recreation referred to as Bing Bong S was very excited. It mixed easy and addictive gameplay with a Material-esque layout. Then S came upon that the similar developer had made different games with the similar taste. The three games can stand on their very own, however in combination they make for an addictive aggregate. Let’s take a look.

Bing Bong

Bing Bong screens

S’m now not positive which recreation got here first, however Bing Bong is the only A performed first. In this recreation you regulate a inexperienced dot that may be continuously going up and down throughout a side road of visitors. Each time you effectively get to the opposite aspect you earn a aspect. You need to steer clear of blocks of various sizes to pass the road. The inexperienced dot is continuously shifting, however you'll be able to sluggish it down via urgent your finger at the display.

The recreation turns into all approximately timing. Will you be capable of make it earlier that block at complete velocity? If you decelerate now will that make you hit the following block? You’re continuously adjusting your velocity to completely pass the road unhurt. It’s simple in the beginning, however will get tricky temporarily.

Righty Tighty

Righty screens

In Righty Tighty you play as a pink dot. Your purpose is to gather the white dots and convey them to the purpose. The pink dot is continuously shifting, however each and every time you faucet the display it will make a proper flip. Like in Bing Bong, there are blocks of various sizes continuously crossing your trail. Also, the purple dot is continuously rising, which makes it more and more tricky to steer clear of stumbling blocks. You have to go back a white dot to the purpose to reset your measurement.



The most simple of the three games is Pivot. You play as a blue dot this time, however you continue to have to gather white dots to earn issues. The blue dot is continuously shifting in a round trail. Tap your finger at the display to head in the other way. There aren't any objectives this time. You get a aspect for merely accumulating a white dot. Blocks of various sizes are nonetheless looking to get for your method, and the wall could also be a disadvantage.


A like these games a lot as a result of they really feel like a circle of relatives. Each one has its distinctive facets, however all of them percentage the similar fundamental basis. They’re superbly easy, but extraordinarily addictive. The developer has performed a nice task with the little main points, like how the song intensifies the longer you live to tell the tale in Bing Bong.

All three games have Google Play Game integration for leaderboards and achievements. The games are loose with only a few advertisements (which can also be disabled utterly for $0.99). You can download all three in the Play Store. Enjoy!


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