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HTC Vive 2? HTC Vive Mobile? HTC Working On New Mobile VR Device For 2017


HTC Vive 2? HTC Vive Mobile? HTC Working On New Mobile VR Device For 2017

Paul Briden 16/02/2017 - 1:58pm

HTC is operating on a brand new mobile-based VR headset

HTC is creating a brand new VR tool. May just this be the HTC Vive 2? Resources say this is a cellular tool, on the other hand, indicating that HTC may well be vying to compete with the likes of Google Daydream View and Samsung VR, with a tool founded round pairing with a smartphone handset.

HTC's Leader Monetary Officer, Chia-lin Chang, has now not most effective described the company as a "VR corporate", however has additionally indicated it's running on a brand new VR tool. He added that it's going to be "a unique factor," to the present HTC Vive and might be suitable with the HTC U Extremely and its solid friends, however won't merely be "a phone slapped onto a headset".

You could have spotted already; Digital Fact (VR) is a huge deal in this day and age. It is been a large deal for the remaining yr or so the place, following the crowdfunding good fortune of the Oculus Rift (which used to be therefore bought through Fb), each and every Tom, Dick, and Harry tech OEM has created their very own identical.

First of all the point of interest used to be on PC-based units mimicking the Oculus Rift, however now with the Samsung Equipment VR and Google Daydream View, there are lots of headsets founded round pairing with a phone; with the handset docking in entrance of the viewer's eyes.

Of the PC-based units, the HTC Vive is one of the most a success VR headset so far; have a snappy glance on Youtube and nearly each and every vlogger showcasing VR Let's Performs is doing so on a Vive, and it has the largest number of device to be had, with entire swathes of the Steam retailer devoted to it.

Despite the fact that PC-based choices such because the Vive are extra tough with regards to hardware, and supply lots of tool because of the legions of developers plugging away, they're one thing of a distinct segment marketplace. Tech fanatics with tough, pricey, custom-built gaming PCs, the sort who make the ones Youtube Let's Play collection, are slightly satisfied to clutch an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift, however for the mass marketplace issues want to be less expensive, much less fiddly, and extra available.

That is the place the likes of Google's Daydream View are available, reasonable at best £69, simple to make use of in that you simply drop in a suitable phone, and entirely supported through Google's ever rising Daydream device ecosystem, itself intently tied to Google's Android platform. The Daydream View could also be light-weight and one-size suits all (because of using versatile sports wear materials).

So, are we taking a look at HTC's solution to Google's Daydream View?


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