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HTC Launching TWO FLAGSHIPS In 2017: Sounds Snapdragon 835 Based, Google Assistant Hinted


HTC Launching TWO FLAGSHIPS In 2017: Sounds Snapdragon 835 Based, Google Assistant Hinted

Paul Briden 26/01/2017 - 4:09pm

An HTC exec has indicated the company will release some other flagship in 2017 and it should function Google Assistant

HTC's president of smartphones and hooked up units, Chailin Chang has carried out an interview with tech information newsletter Tbreak, right through which he published some fascinating titbits concerning the company's plans for the remainder of 2017 and past.

In keeping with Chang, HTC's U Extremely smartphone almost definitely is not the ultimate flagship class software for the OEM to release this yr. We've got in the past heard from a Forbes record how Samsung's hoarding of the 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors it produces on Qualcomm's behalf has created a scarcity - a scarcity this means that  the LG G6 and HTC U Extremely have been pressured to make do with the Snapdragon 821.

Allegedly, provide of the S835 will building up sufficient for different OEMs but even so Samsung to get in at the motion after the Galaxy S8 launches in April. With all that during thoughts, Chang alluded to HTC launching an S835 powered flagship this yr.

"Each and every time there's a brand spanking new CPU with energy that we will be able to leverage, we are all the time at the leading edge doing that. Some individuals are speaking concerning the timing [of our release] however timing used to be made up our minds 9 months in the past. That is the most productive CPU in the market. When the following flagship CPU comes, HTC might be one of the crucial first actual tier doing that."

"When we will be able to glance again, it's going to be transparent why HTC presented [these new phones.] We need to have a few months of management prior to the following flagship CPU comes. However that can be in some other duration of time- now not at MWC. Now not for us or another participant. I will be able to inform you that needless to say. When the brand new CPU comes, HTC could have some other flagship," he added.

In fact he does not explicity name-drop the Snapdragon 835, however studying between the strains that is most probably what he is relating to. The lengthy and the quick of it's HTC needs to unlock a best-in-class flagship-level phone this yr, and the S835 will allow that, however now not till HTC can get arms at the chip after April. That might imply on the earliest shall we see a release most likely in June, however even that feels a bit beneficiant so far as schedules are involved. We may well be taking a look at one thing against the latter part of the yr, most likely August, extra realistically.

On most sensible of this, Chang talked somewhat a few present scorching matter - AI Assistants. Apparently, having lately heard that the LG G6 may well be the primary Android handset aside from the Pixel collection to pack Google's personal Google Assistant, HTC may additionally be taking a look to enforce Google's AI package deal somewhat than bobbing up with its personal, as Samsung is doing with Bixby.

With LG having labored intently with Google at the Nexus challenge, it kind of feels there could also be one thing to do with OEMs who've a better dating with the Android author. HTC, in fact, helped create the Pixel collection, and in line with Chang there shall be a deepening of that partnership shifting ahead; using Google Assistant, it kind of feels, would possibly shape a part of that.

"In the future it is going to come [to our phones] when its in a position. Google needs HTC to do Google Assistant so it will probably unfold to get giant knowledge and make allowance them many stuff. They would like us to include the Assistant in a normal, outstanding means. We will be able to use that, however that is at the cloud. Past that, there is a large number of tool knowledge that may be useful to a shopper which we need to supply [with our AI]," stated Chang.

That is all it seems that regardless of HTC's emphasis of its personal HTC Sense Spouse AI assistant all the way through the release of the HTC U Extremely.

He added that HTC and Google are "running on more than one factor," and that "there is all the time a special product."

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