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Hands-on impressions of the 17-inch Alcatel OneTouch Xess

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Hands-on impressions of the 17-inch Alcatel OneTouch Xess

And no, that name isn’t a typo — this tablet is 17 inches massive. Somewhere alongside the street in 2015, Alcatel made up our minds they wanted to make a gigantic Android tablet. They aren’t on my own, of direction — Samsung decided to do the same thing — so obviously those firms will have to see a few type of actual want for this kind of beast.

So, large is huge, however is huge sufficient to be just right? It might in large part rely on what you wish to have this factor for, we’d say. Beneath the shell of the Alcatel Xess (and that’s slightly the best possible identify, we’d say) is an abnormal Android tablet. There’s a 2GB stick of RAM, a 1.5GHz MediaTek chipset and 32GB of garage inside of. It additionally has a 5-megapixel

Acatel Xess DSC00942

The Alcatel Xess additionally sports activities a 5-megapixel digital camera, and a integrated kickstand on the rear that doubles as a wearing deal with each time you wish to have to tote the factor round. You’ll additionally be capable of discover a preserving bay for the tool’s incorporated stylus there.

Turn it round and also you’re confronted with the celebrity of the display: a 17-inch 1080p show that you’ll use to, smartly, take a look at issues. Alcatel’s obtrusive advertising attitude for the Xess will come right down to multimedia intake. Use it like a mini-TV if you would like — one that may get entry to YouTube, Netflix and different video products and services.

Acatel Xess DSC00941

But it can be a kitchen significant other that’s used to show related recipes you wish to have whilst whipping up scrumptious concoctions, or a gaming beast for while you become bored of your whole different actions. Evidence that multimedia is the primary draw can also be present in the lifestyles of JBL-powered stereo audio system which sound completely booming.

One factor they’re taking a look to emphasise, despite the fact that, is the skill to do all of this at the comparable time. The launcher is about up like a browser with more than one home windows. You will have Twitter open in a single window, MSNBC in any other, and Amazon in some other. It’s a herbal use of all the monitor actual property that a 17-inch show gives.

The query for Alcatel can be what can they do to make this greater than only a area of interest tool. Why will have to other folks purchase a 17-inch tablet over one thing that gives extra flexibility and portability? Will folks purchase some other $500 tool simply in an effort to open more than one browser pages at the similar time? Perhaps, in all probability now not. Maybe they’re nice with filling the area of interest and not anything extra — there’s completely not anything flawed with that.


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