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Google’s Chromebook Pixel is DEAD. RIP, Good Buddy!


Google’s Chromebook Pixel is DEAD. RIP, Good Buddy!

Richard Goodwin 01/03/2017 - 9:43am

Google’s ended its Pixel Chromebook experiment

Google has showed that it has ZERO plans for some other Pixel-brand Chromebook.

Phrase comes from more than one resources inside of MWC that recommend Google’s Pixel Chromebook challenge, after best two iterations, is now successfully lifeless.

Thus far, the Pixel model has encompassed laptops, pills and, extra just lately, telephones. And whilst Google says it is now not giving up at the pc area, its personal results within the phase – i.e. Pixel-brand machines – are now not a concern.

I’ve used a Chromebook Pixel for a couple of years now and I love it. Sure, it is stupidly pricey however as a poster boy for ChromeOS, the Chromebook Pixel’s sole task used to be to turn simply how just right Chromebooks can in reality be when made with budgetary constraints.

And it labored: the Chromebook Pixel became me onto ChromeOS and now, two years later, I’d by no means use anything for my cellular computing wishes when clear of my place of work.

The large concept right here isn’t the Pixel, even though; quite, it is ChromeOS as a whole, as an ecosystem to rival macOS and Windows.

Google’s ChromeOS now powers hundreds of thousands of machines the globe over, so the truth that Google isn’t commissioning anymore Pixel machines isn’t precisely a nasty factor – it’s just a little scary, because it used to be so just right.

Samsung and a raft of alternative hardware companions are pushing the platform forwards with very good, feature-rich machines that at the moment are nipping on the heels of Home windows and macOS in study rooms and companies all over the global.

There are spaces the place issues may well be progressed, stuff like higher beef up for Android apps on older machines, as an example, however I think this is the place Google shall be focusing its consideration within the coming months and years – drilling down on options, usability and wider strengthen for brand spanking new issues.
The Chromebook Pixel used to be additionally VERY pricey, prohibitively pricey for 99.9% of folks. Google by no means meant to promote a large number of them. However the system did generate a rather devoted following.

For many, although, you’re a lot at an advantage choosing one among ChromeOS’ infinitely less expensive choices. Of which there are a perfect many, as you'll be able to see in our round-up of the best Chromebooks for 2017.

Nonetheless going to leave out the Pixel despite the fact that. Despite the fact that it used to be a pricy piece of equipment!


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