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Google reportedly working on a new messaging app with chatbots that respond to your questions

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Google reportedly working on a new messaging app with chatbots that respond to your questions

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The twenty fifth continues to be a few days away, nevertheless it’s already feeling a bit like Christmas morning. Or somewhat, it is going to, if this up to date rumor from the The Wall Street Journal pans out. According to The Journal, Google is making ready to release any other utterly new “sensible” messaging app, you could in spite of everything stand toe-to-toe towards competitors like Facebook Messenger.

The messaging app will reportedly leverage the facility of Google’s synthetic intelligence generation with new chat-bots customers can message like a actual individual to seize useful knowledge from across the internet. Users can ask questions in relation to the elements, information, or photographs and a chatbot will respond as a consequence. Adding gas to the rumor used to be Google’s failed try at obtaining 200 Labs Inc., a startup that builds chatbots for Telegram, any other fashionable messaging software.

If Google’s new messaging carrier hopes to stand a probability, we will be able to’t see it succeeding with out it being tied into the center Android OS. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have already collected billions of customers all over the world. The most effective method for a new messaging carrier to make headway is that if customers understand their family and friends are already the use of it. Last time we checked, there have been a few dozen Android handsets in the market on the planet.

Recently we heard that Google used to be already taking a look to do away with service (SIM) messaging from Hangouts which might make much more feel in the event that they’re going to finally end up scrapping all of the factor (or in all probability stay it round for video conferencing). While there’s no phrase on while Google is taking a look to release their new messaging carrier, we’re hoping this in spite of everything spells the top for Hangouts that is typically loathed in Android circles.


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