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Google Pixel XL 2 Render LEAKS Showing New Design


Google Pixel XL 2 Render LEAKS Showing New Design

Paul Briden 12/07/2017 - 10:41am

Google's Pixel XL 2 will feature an 18:9 display and HTC U11 style pressure-sensitive surround

Now THIS is exciting. A 3D render has leaked via Android Police showing what is alleged to be the Google Pixel XL 2, which will reportedly be produced by LG.

The design language is similar to the existing Pixel XL, although we know from previous rumours and leaks that this model is in fact larger. The source reveals it has a 6in AMOLED display with that trendy 18:9 aspect ratio we've seen on the Galaxy S8 series and LG G6, so expect a taller phone with an all-screen frontage. The glass of the phone curves around the edges, but the OLED underneath is flat.

The two-tone rear panel design has returned with a glass top section, though the top panel has shrunk slightly. The phone sports a single camera sensor with LED flash module, so no dual-cam like rival offerings, and you can see the fingerprint scanner embedded just below the glass panel.

The leak details also suggest the Pixel XL 2 will feature a pressure-sensitive frame very similar if not identical to the HTC U11; squeezing the sides of the phone will allow you to operate certain functions, such as activating the camera or launching Google Assistant.

In the render, antenna lines are not visible, which could mean they are hidden under the glass. We also can't see if the phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack or not due to the angle and the fact that if one were present it would either be in the top or bottom panel.

The source also adds that this is not necessarily the final design, and things could change between now and the launch date, additionally, all that we know about the Pixel XL 2 from this leak may or may not apply to the smaller Pixel 2


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