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Google Photos borrows Timehop’s idea with new ‘Rediscover this day’ feature

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Google Photos borrows Timehop’s idea with new ‘Rediscover this day’ feature

Google Photos Rediscover this day feature

One of the most productive options approximately Google Photos is that you'll be able to again up a vast quantity of pictures at high quality, all tucked away accurately within the cloud. If you’re anything else like us, you most likely took complete good thing about this, backing up whole exhausting drives stuffed with pictures. The drawback with having such a lot of pictures of folks, puts, and issues is that it’s onerous to sift thru all of the junk and revisit the ones unique moments from years previous. But Google Photos is making that more uncomplicated for you. For everybody.

In a post on Google+ today, the Google Photos workforce introduced a new card coming to their Assistant feature referred to as “Rediscover this day.” The new card pulls up pictures from the present day, however in yr’s previous. This lets in customers to simple take somewhat travel down reminiscence lane with no need to place in any paintings. While revisiting antique reminiscences can steadily be a laugh and profitable, different occasions you can also need to steer clear of painful reminiscence like ex’s or that point your cat died. That’s why Google is making this an choose-in feature, so when you’re , you’ll want to allow it within the settings.

While Google Photos is undoubtedly taking a web page from Timehop with their recent feature, it’s just for pictures stored on Google Photos — now not out of doors of it. Timehop nonetheless is still a really perfect choice for the ones taking a look to relive previous reminiscences that have been as soon as published to social media.


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