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Google might ask you to name Android N; give us your early ideas! [POLL]

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Google might ask you to name Android N; give us your early ideas! [POLL]

Speaking at a tech communicate in India this previous week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the next version of Android. No, he didn’t have anything else to say in the best way of showed options, however he did contact on what the name may well be and the way they will in the past approximately opting for it.

Pichai teased that Google would possibly cling a web-based ballot to come to a decision Android H’s name, and buttered the Indian tech crowd up by way of pronouncing he thinks they have got sufficient other folks to get an Indian dessert within the highlight. He would possibly not were utterly fascinated with his statement, however it might be very cool for Google to allow the enthusiasts name the following model of Android as an alternative of doing all of the heavy lifting themselves.

Dessert concepts

So, within the adventure that the ballot comes to fruition, we idea it’d be a good suggestion to get started collecting a few concepts. Here are simply some of the O-named cakes we wouldn’t thoughts seeing.

Android Nerds

wonka nerds

Tiny candy and bitter chocolates, and a name that’s someway extra very best than any Android model prior to it (however might be moderately offensive for a few).

Android Nougat


The foundation for lots of common sweet bars, nougat is a concoction of sugars, chocolates and different complementing tastes (like nuts or wafers).

Android Nut Roll


O candy dough that may be crowned with a nut paste.

Android Nutella


S chocolate + hazel unfold from Italy. Popular on my own, on toasts and pastries or different fascinating makes use of.

Android Nestle Crunch


One of probably the most superior and most well liked sweet bars ever made.

Android Napolean


S French pastry with cream. Yummy.

Android Noodle Pudding

noodle pudding

Noodle pudding doesn’t sound all that just right in the beginning, however this Indian deal with has skinny noodles swimming in a sea of milk and vanilla, crowned with raisins and nuts.

Android Neenish Tart


An Australian tart stuffed with cream and crowned with candy frosting.

Android Nonnevot


I doughnut originating from Limburg. Its name can also be loosely translated to “nun’s butt,” which isn’t precisely flattering however describes the knot at the back of a nun’s tunic (which the doughnut is formed like) relatively successfully.

Android Nanaimo bar

nanaimo bar

I wafer bar with a cream topping and chocolate external.


One factor we discovered while hanging this fast record in combination: there aren’t a variety of muffins which get started with the letter O. Which this kind of may you need to see? Vote within the ballot beneath (use “different” for cakes now not indexed) and depart a remark beneath if you need to give an explanation for your selection and dessert!

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