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Google Glass 2 Minimalist Design Revealed


Google Glass 2 Minimalist Design Revealed


Google Glass 2 patent presentations smaller headset will perch on one ear

Paul Briden

It's truthful to mention that Google Glass, experimental because it used to be, did not precisely "capture on", however a long way from being deterred Google is allegedly prepping to have some other crack at it with Google Glass 2. And, what is extra, the brand new layout shall be fairly other, if freshly found out patents are any indication.

The layout schematics are a part of a patent that has been granted to Google via the US Patents Office, as stated by way of TheNextWeb and PatentYogi. The layout is extra minimalist than the unique Google Glass because it mounts to the customers head on a unmarried ear (fairly than wrapping round like a standard set of spectacles). The layout subsequently does not want the spectacle lens element and easily hovers the small oblong show we are acquainted with in entrance of the consumer's eye by itself.

It seems the layout of the body is versatile and malleable to an quantity, in order that the consumer can modify it to the form in their head. It will then allegedly preserve this form for ease-of-use, however may also be additional adjusted at any time if, as an example, you sought after to lend it to anyone. As with the primary-gen Google Glass, one panel at the body additionally features a contact panel element for interacting with the tool.

The patent is going onto describe how the show will have a modular layout, permitting it to be prolonged over each eyes to shape a whole stereoscopic headset visual with each eyes (most likely that is for VR, video, and gaming programs the place the consumer is desk bound and does now not want to be strolling round at the same time as in a position to peer the surroundings).

14:29, 30 Nov 2015

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