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Goodbye Moto: Lenovo To Ditch Motorola Smartphone Branding?


Goodbye Moto: Lenovo To Ditch Motorola Smartphone Branding?


Motorola Moto telephones will quickly lift Lenovo branding

Paul Briden

Lenovo controlled to procure Motorola from earlier proprietor Google over a yr in the past now, however for the reason that then, identical to Google, has been freeing new Motorola smartphones sticking with the Motorola logo. We've noticed new iterations of the Moto Y and Moto K, among others, and they have got endured to achieve success units way to Motorola's compelling mix of average costs, inventory Android device, respectable hardwar and function, and external customisation by way of the consumer. Lenovo even went so far as to mimic Google's "a Google Company" branding after the Motorola identify, through appearing Motorola's emblem with the word "a Lenovo Company".

However, in keeping with studies from January 8, Lenovo could also be approximately to stop freeing new phone handsets the use of Motorola branding, in spite of in the past pronouncing it might "offer protection to" the logo. Now Motorola's leader running officer, Rick Osterloh, has advised CNet that it's going to "slowly segment out Motorola". The document introduced that Motorla's telephone industry can be merged with Lenovo's. Motorola's naming would possibly not be utterly long past, on the other hand, because the top-finish units from Lenovo may have the "Moto" logo, and its decrease-finish services will use Lenovo's "Vibe" logo. Apparently Moto merchandise, which most likely would possibly nonetheless come with the Moto Y and identical telephones, will function Lenovo's blue emblem along Motorola's "A" emblem. Motorola as a logo will nonetheless exist, technically, inside of Lenovo, however moderately how it's going to happen is not transparent at this aspect.

14:47, 8 Jan 2016

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