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FitBit Surge: Is This The Best Fitness Tracker Money Can Buy?


FitBit Surge: Is This The Best Fitness Tracker Money Can Buy?

Michael Grothaus 21/07/2017 - 11:21am

It’s a great smartwatch-fitness tracker combo, meet the AWESOME FitBit Surge!

Fitness trackers are a huge market. Matter of fact in 2017 the market for them is expected to generate $7.3 BILLION in sales. However, the major players in that market seem to be getting fewer and fewer as the months go buy.

First, it was Jawbone, who went out of business earlier this year. And then, most recently, Intel announced it was getting out of the fitness wearables market, despite having bought the Basis Peak smartwatch just two years ago.

So just what is going on? Despite the large size of the market it’s quickly becoming dominated by just a few players. Oh, and everyone in the fitness wearables market is worried about the Apple Watch, which takes on more fitness features each year.

However, the king of the fitness wearables market is currently Fitbit, who offers no fewer than 8 different models of fitness trackers, covering devices from the bare-bones step and calorie trackers to the higher-end fitness tracker-smartwatch combo devices. On the latter end of this spectrum is the Fitbit Surge.

The company refers to it as a “super watch” which gives you some idea of just all of its capabilities. So just what can the Fitbit Surge do? And is it right for you? Read on to find out all about it.

Fitbit Surge: Health Features

The Surge “super watch” is packed with health features. These include all day activity tracking: steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity & stationary time. You also get Auto Sleep Tracking complete with silent alarms to wake you up.

Then there is the SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition, which means the Surge is able to detect what exercise you are doing; and Reminders to get up and move. But perhaps the most beneficial health feature is Fitbit’s PurePulse heart rate monitor that’s built into the back of the Surge. It gives you continuous heart rate readings for as long as you wear it, which means you can better maximize your training and intensity.

Fitbit Surge: Other Features

The Surge has eight different sensors built into it that lets you track everything from heart rate to altitude. Its full list of sensors are: GPS, 3-axis accelerometers, digital compass, optical heart rate monitor, altimeter, ambient light sensor, and a vibration motor. The GPS tracking is particularly nice because it allows the Surge to track your routes, which you can review later.

Other features of this fitness tracker include a 7-day battery life (terrific for anything that calls itself a “super watch”) and Call, Text & Calendar Alerts. The Call, Text & Calendar alerts send notifications from your smartphone to the Surge’s display, so you never miss messages you receive even if your phone is in your pocket on silent. The Surge also features wireless syncing to your smartphone so your health data is automatically sent to compatible health apps on your phone.

Fitbit Surge: Style

Fitbit says the Surge’s wristband is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. It also has a surgical-grade stainless steel buckle. However, unlike other Fitbit wearables, the Surge doesn’t have multiple style options. The wearable only comes in one design and three color options: blue, black, or tangerine.

Fitbit Surge: Who Is It For?

The Fitbit Surge is a fitness tracker for those who are moderate to serious athletes. It’s advanced features allow you to track virtually any type of exercise and its ability to monitor sleep and heart rate will be a welcomed feature for those serious about health.

But the Surge is a “fitness device” and not something everyone would probably be comfortable wearing in the office or to a nice dinner party, so if you want something sleek and unobtrusive, look elsewhere. For everyone else, this is a terrific advanced fitness tracker.

Fitbit Surge: Price

The Fitbit Surge costs £199, and you can pick yours up DIRECT from FitBit.


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