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Electronic VS Online – What’s the difference?


Electronic VS Online – What’s the difference?

When it comes to selecting which game you’re going to play when at the casino, roulette is unsurprisingly one of the most popular. Unlike poker and blackjack, roulette is as simple to play as it gets – meaning those with no previous knowledge or experience of betting in a casino can play. While the growth of online casinos has seen the selection of games now increase significantly, especially among slot games, roulette is still as popular as it is in traditional casinos.

The internet has taken the industry to a different level in terms of popularity, taking the experience of betting in a casino to people’s homes. And with smartphones and tablets, punters can now play their favourite casino games wherever they are. With more members of the public betting online than ever before, traditional casinos have had to up their game when it comes to moving with the times. As well as online casinos, there are also now websites solely dedicated to roulette.



As well as the bigger variety of casinos games now on offer in bricks-and-mortar establishments, those who want to play roulette are no longer restricted to the option of having to sit or stand around a wheel and having to fight for room on the board with onlookers watching your every bet. Electronic roulette has either six or eight different player stations, each with a touch-screen display, allowing them to place their bets with virtual chips on their screen. The roulette wheel in the middle of the board is electronic and doesn’t need a croupier to release the ball or anything else operated.

So, with the new age of roulette now firmly upon us, what are the real differences between electronic and online roulette?

Accessibility: Not everyone is able to get to a real casino and play electric roulette, but almost everyone is able to visit an online casino. While you have to physically get to a traditional casino to play electronic roulette, as long as you have a decent internet connection, you can win money on the roulette wheel. And if you feel like playing a casino game at 5am or when you’re on the train to work, online roulette can be right at your fingertips.

Choosing the stakes: When it comes to placing a bet on electronic roulette, it’s not easy finding a casino that has tables where you can bet anything under £1, with some of the bigger casinos even upping that minimum bet. Casinos have made it so that punters don’t have to risk significant sums when making a bet on online roulette, with the likes of 32Red and Betway offering spins for as little as 25p, and some roulette sites even allowing you to play for free.

Play at your speed: Playing electronic roulette at land-based casinos has plenty of positives but you are at the mercy of the croupier – be it electric or real – in terms of when you need to place a bet and when the wheel is spun. With online casinos, however, you can place bets and decide when to spin the wheel whenever you want, taking away the pressure of having to rush bets in between spins, something you can’t do if you’re at a casino in Las Vegas.

Bonuses: While there are always loyalty bonuses on offer for those regular visitors to traditional casinos who enjoy electronic roulette, they aren’t as frequent and often sizeable as they are online. With every bet and deposit you place tracked by online casinos, you’re constantly earning bonuses from the moment you place your first bet. The welcome bonuses most sites usually offer isn’t replicated when visiting normal casinos. The most you can usually expect at traditional casinos is perhaps a free drink or two, which, if anything, is going to hinder your chances of success.

Hedging your bets: If you’re playing roulette in a regular casino, you have to put your full focus onto the sole roulette wheel you’re playing due to the fact you’re not in control of the pace of the game. Online, though, you can be spinning different roulette wheels at the same time, increasing your chance of winning. And with online roulette, you could also be enjoying other casino games while also trying the slots or playing a few hands of poker.

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