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Early look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s S-Pen reveals possible clickable top

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Early look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s S-Pen reveals possible clickable top


This isn’t the meatiest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leak we’re ever going to peer, nevertheless it’s fascinating however. S new shot of the tool’s S-Pen has leaked, giving us an early look at considered one of the parts which make this software distinctive from all the different phablets in the market.

So what do we've right here? It’s an S-Pen, whole with a button, glossy chrome-coloured subject matter and a force delicate aspect. Neato! The leaked photographs additionally recommend the pen would possibly have a few kind of clickable top, which may well be used to retract the pen’s aspect or allow a few more or less distinctive device capability. It may additionally be a mechanism that makes it more uncomplicated to eject the S-Pen from its keeping bay.

samsung-galaxy-note-5-s-pen-3 samsung-galaxy-note-5-s-pen-4 samsung-galaxy-note-5-s-pen-2

Unfortunately that’s all we will be able to gleam from this actual leak, even though there have been various earlier Galaxy Note 5 rumors to provide us a greater concept of what to anticipate as soon as the software is unveiled (which a few say will occur in August). It should look somewhat similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6, for starters, although that would additionally include the drawbacks of not having a removable battery or microSD slot. We’re additionally anticipating a 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 display, 4GB of RAM and Samsung’s Octa-Core Exynos 7422 chipset.

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