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Did Huawei steal the Nexus 6P design from one ZTE’s smartphones?

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Did Huawei steal the Nexus 6P design from one ZTE’s smartphones?

The Nexus 6P is a gorgeous device, and we have been to begin with shocked through the revelation that Huawei is aware of easy methods to construct a superb package. But one corporate indicates they’ve had a few key affect in its design.

ZTE has pop out to say that Huawei lifted the design for the Nexus 6P from their Athena phone (which introduced in so much markets as the ZTE Grand S). They weren’t too harsh approximately it, it kind of feels. In reality, if this translation is the least bit correct it even feels like they have been flattered at the idea.

zte and nexus 6p

Taking a search for ourselves, the again panel does glance fairly equivalent. It’s positioned at the most sensible and it’s black, in any case. And that’s the place the similarities finish.

Look — it’s now not a not unusual design, this we all know, however it’s a little foolish to say Huawei lifted all of the Nexus 6P’s seems from the Athena while it’s simply this one specific component that occurs to be equivalent. Since while did we commence being concerned so much approximately shared parts of design among smartphones, besides?

History presentations us that businesses borrow concepts and designs from each and every different, and until there’s a strict patent protective your items then it’s truthful recreation. ZTE additionally wasn’t the best corporate to make use of a black panel for housing the digital camera module on a telephone. Nokia’s 808 telephone (pictured under, to the proper) used to be first to that desk, even though it doesn’t glance precisely the comparable.

nokia 808 pureview

In brief: recover from it, feel free that you simply made a design somebody else favored sufficient to make use of in their very own product, and settle for the proven fact that this kind of stuff occurs extra steadily than somebody is at ease admitting.

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