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Bixby Continues To Disappoint: No English Version Anytime Soon


Bixby Continues To Disappoint: No English Version Anytime Soon

Paul Briden 06/07/2017 - 4:19pm

Samsung is facing further delays on the English version of Bixby

What's that you say? A phone manufacturer has massively over-promised and is struggling to deliver? Well I never...

Despite having talked up its Bixby AI assistant no end at the launch of the Galaxy S8 in April, Samsung is reportedly having to even further delay the proper launch of the full-blown, all-singing, all-dancing, English-language Bixby suite.

The word comes via the Korea Herald, which reports having heard from a Samsung spokesperon, who said; "Developing Bixby in other languages is taking more time than we expected mainly because of the lack of the accumulation of big data." They added that several key obstcles in development are consistently setting things back.

When Samsung first revealed Bixby there were four components announced; Vision, Remind, Home, and Voice. However, Voice is the real bit that ties it all together as a fully functional assistant, and it's the part that only functions currently in South Korea. It's been like this since the Galaxy S8 launch. The delays are apparently also meaning Samsung's planned Bixby Speaker, dubbed "Vega" is also slowed in development.

"Communication between the English engineering team and Korea is slow due to time differences and geographical/language barriers. The Chinese version of Bixby is in a similar boat," reports GSMArena.

"In October, Samsung acquired Viv Labs, the same company that developed Siri. Samsung says that once it can get Bixby Voice going it will apply Viv Labs’ AI into Bixby."

The Korea Herald thinks that won't occur until Bixby is "more complete".

Essenitally, Bixby Voice should allow you to control most of the Galaxy S8's functionality via voice commands...when it is working. The delays mean the full Galaxy S8 experience is yet to be had by anyone outside of Korea (unless you were involved in the Beta program). A major, talked-up USP that is very much on hold, it seems.


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