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Best Place To Buy Nokia 3310 in The UK


Best Place To Buy Nokia 3310 in The UK

Richard Goodwin 27/02/2017 - 2:38pm

The Nokia 3310 is now official and these are the best places to buy one online

The Nokia 3310 is here and costs 50 quid. For that you get 30 day’s worth of battery life from a single charge, a cute, familiar-looking exterior design and not much else.

The Nokia 3310 – the new, Nokia 3310, I should say – launched at MWC 2017 alongside Nokia’s trio of Android phones; the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

There was a huge amount of chatter about this handset prior to launch, though given just how popular the original 3310 was, this was to be expected.

Even now, post launch, there is still a lot of hype around this handset. Granted, most of it is powered by nostalgia. But the 3310 is still one of the biggest announcements of MWC 2017 so far – and its a feature phone!

I mean, compared to the LG G6 and Huawei P10 the Nokia 3310 is essentially a calculator; it doesn’t have 3G or 4G and it doesn’t run anything remotely resembling a smartphone OS.

The Nokia 3310 is an apocalypse-ready phone; the type of phone you will almost certainly need if the proverbial ever actually hits the fan.

Sorry – been watching a lot of The Walking Dead.

With its month-worth of battery life, you could, if you switched it off when you weren’t using it, get month’s worth of use from it.

The handset itself is cheap, £50/$50, and will be available

Best Place To Buy Nokia 3310?

If you're in the UK it appears that Carphone Warehouse has stuck up some kind of exclusive deal with HMD, as it is the only retailer that has the handset up for pre-order right now.

Expect Amazon and Best Buy to chime in with offers once the handset gets a release date later on this year.


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