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Battery Life: 48 Hours with the Droid Turbo 2

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Battery Life: 48 Hours with the Droid Turbo 2

Verizon Wireless lately introduced their unique release of the Motorola Droid Turbo 2, a shatterproof phone that touts an extended listing of tough functions. Among them: superb battery lifestyles. With an enormous 3740 mAh battery, Motorola and Verizon declare you’ll rise up to 48-hours of juice… so we placed their phrase to the check.

Spoiler: the battery best lasted 24-hours, however S used to be nonetheless inspired and might now not hesitate to suggest the Droid Turbo 2 to consumers in quest of an Android telephone with nice battery lifestyles. Read on to determine why.

Out of the field

After the NYC release adventure A walked away with assessment devices of each new Droids: the Turbo 2 and the extra reasonably priced Motorola DROID MAXX 2.


O did a fast hands-on of both devices, compared them, after which hustled to Laguardia airport.

100% Charged

Knowing that O’d be accomplishing a battery check of a few type, A made positive to do 3 essential issues:

  • Install a recent device as an alternative of restoring from a backup
  • Downloading a handful of apps/video games to make use of for the aircraft experience
  • Charge to 100% best AFTER doing the above

A have a ludicrous selection of apps and video games on my private telephone so the use of it as a benchmark for battery lifestyles exams isn’t precisely truthful. By putting in a recent gadget and now not punishing the telephone with knowledge switch PRIOR to beginning the “check” it gives a actual-global pattern of expectancies with out such a lot of variables polluting the knowledge.

Crouched subsequent to a row of electrical shops at Gate L6, S plugged in the Turbo and charged it to 100% at the same time as downloading the following video games all the way through the flight: Loop, 99 Problems, Pixel Dungeon, PAC-MAN 256, Crossy Road, and Minecraft PE.

At round 9:15 PM they introduced we'd quickly be boarding, so S unplugged, therefore beginning the timer on how lengthy the Droid Turbo 2 battery may ultimate (however 9 hours into my first 48 hours).

60% Remaining

S attempted all of the video games A downloaded in fast succession, looking to come to a decision which one S sought after to play for the bulk of the flight. Here are my fast tackle each and every:

  • Loop – cool puzzle recreation, however irritating and the airport tired all my endurance.
  • 99 Problems – like a vertical Flappy Bird, however extra dull.
  • Pixel Dungeon – Dragon Warrior-esque, however begins too sluggish.
  • Crossy Road – S adore it… however forgot how so much A already performed it. Burned out.
  • Minecraft PE – S chased a pixelated hen for 20 mins after which critically wondered what S used to be doing with my lifestyles. Decided it used to be too deep of a query.
  • PAC-MAN 256 – loved it.

S ended up enjoying PAC-MAN 256 virtually the whole flight. Simple recreation, easy controls, fast gameplay, each and every restart is a unique problem… it has all the makings of a a laugh, addictive recreation to kill time.


When the aircraft landed, A learned my battery tired all the method right down to 60% – holy crap! At this aspect, the bulk of my battery used to be tired through issues:

  • PAC-MAN 256
  • Screen

That turns out approximately proper… in the end, that’s principally the most effective factor O did all through the flight. Once again in Chicago the actual a laugh came about.

Taxi Cab Confessions

Two negative issues came about throughout my cab journey from the airport to my condo and O’m going to inform you approximately each as a result of they each and every had a large have an effect on on the end result of this check.

The Lost Phone

As we pulled as much as the cut back, O requested the motive force for a receipt so A may just write off the transportation prices on my taxes. Walking as much as the entrance door, A idea to myself: “A will have to all the time get a receipt, simply in case A depart one thing in the cab.”

O whipped my head round like an owl, noticed the taxi pulling away, and learned S left my up to date Nexus 5X in the cab. Too many telephones to juggle! Thankfully O didn’t misplace both Droid and this in reality introduced a chance: with my telephone lacking, S used to be pressured to make use of the Droid Turbo 2 in my on a daily basis regimen.

For the ones thinking about… sure, S used to be reunited with my Nexus 5X fairly painlessly and S gave the taxi cab motive force $20 greenbacks to thank him for his honesty.

The Case of the Missing Airplane Mode

Since we’re on the topic of confessions…

Wearing my Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones – that have superb noise cancellation, best for vacationers – A used to be in a position to just about music out the whole global round me. Unfortunately, S additionally tuned out the stewardess and pilots bulletins and entirely forgot to transfer the Turbo 2 into Airplane Mode.

Summarizing: A’m an fool.

The have an effect on this had on the battery can't be understated. Looking at an in depth chart pulled instantly from Android’s battery supervisor, you'll be able to see the 40% cliff overlaps with an alarmingly pink component of “Cellular Network Signal” at the same time as the telephone hopelessly and regularly looked for a cellular community with which to glue at the same time as hundreds of ft in the air.


You’ll additionally realize that Wi-Fi used to be engaged for the whole period of the check. Clearly, A didn’t do a super process of handling my battery, however allow’s face it: no one is absolute best.

Balancing Act

Although A assume the detriment of my Airplane Mode failure had a larger have an effect on on battery lifestyles than the lighter-than-standard rigidity on the tool as a result of restricting the choice of apps put in, A assume that for the so much phase, all of it balances out.

More on that later…

57% Remaining

S temporarily used the Droid Turbo 2 to name the taxi cab corporate in hopes of monitoring down my misplaced telephone after which went to mattress. After that telephone name and an evening of sleep, the telephone most effective tired 3% .

Time to start out a brand new day.

40% Remaining

O spent a respectable bite of the morning calmly the use of the Turbo 2 at random periods.

A referred to as my Mom. A took a few pictures. O took a few video. And then S walked to the espresso keep and again – 30 mins spherical travel – at the same time as paying attention to Spotify. For a few explanation why, Spotify looked to be amongst the largest drains on my battery, in spite of most commonly the use of it with the display off.

Different other folks obtain other apps and video games, each and every with other useful resource necessities. Even other folks with the similar actual apps and video games put in will use them in a different way, to not point out, each and every individual makes use of their very own telephone another way on other days. It’s just about unimaginable to standardize a battery check that tells folks as an entire precisely what they may be able to be expecting from their battery, however it's imaginable to generate an opinion on general efficiency.

10% Remaining

The battery chart presentations a few fascinating dives that appear to be brought about by way of particular actions in the afternoon and night, however O can’t attach immediately attach the dots. There aren’t in point of fact THAT many choices.

The majority of this time used to be spent on one factor: surfing the Google. A did so whilst consuming lunch (Uptown Pho), consuming dinner (Hopleaf!)

Oddly sufficient, you couldn’t come to that end through viewing the listing of apps that burned the so much battery.

1% Remaining

A took one for the staff… enjoying a bit of extra PAC-MAN 256 to grind the battery right down to 1% so shall we whole the check. You’re welcome. Now allow’s check out precisely what Android’s Battery Manager says sucked the lifestyles out of the Droid Turbo 2.


For the document… A by no means even opened NFL Mobile and the app got here pre-put in.

0% – What Gives?

S’d like to name into query the accuracy of Android’s Battery Manager:

  • 40% of the battery used to be killed all through my flight
  • 3 purposes for this may be Cellular Signal, PAC-MAN, and Screen.
  • The mixed overall for those appear to be 23% over the whole check

The math doesn’t appear so as to add up. A wish they enhance the Battery Manager, make the knowledge extra granular, and by some means account for what appear to be obvious inconsistencies.


15-minute Turbo Recharge

O took 15-mins simply ahead of mattress to check out some other Motorola declare relating to the Droid Turbo 2 battery: that just 15-minutes of charging would blast it with 13+ hours of battery life.

Yep… that labored like a turbo allure.

Goodnight, Moto

S didn’t rate for greater than 15-mins as a result of O sought after to peer how lengthy the Turbo 2 might ultimate on it’s rejuvenated battery. When S aroused from sleep it nonetheless had over 30%.


It’s now were given approximately 10% left as A submit this submit.


The Bottom Line

It’s not really that a unmarried rate gets you 48 hours of battery lifestyles, however that’s slightly beside the point: the battery on the Motorola DROID Turbo 2 is downright spectacular. You can be expecting a whole day of battery… and extra.

Mileage will range, however for those who regulate your apps and video games and apply a few easy battery saving guidelines, no one will have to have an issue clearing 24-hours of forged to heavy phone use with the Droid Turbo 2. Considering the lackluster battery efficiency of alternative phone flagships, large battery in the hunt for Android enthusiasts will have to gravitate to the Turbo 2 with just right explanation why.

The actual kicker here's that along with blowing so much of the battery hungry festival out of the water, the Droid Turbo 2 fees ridiculously temporarily… plug it in for 15 mins and you’re virtually set for the remainder of the day.

Big, lengthy-lasting batteries that rate in a flash: that’s one thing we will be able to get at the back of.


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